Miniature Pets plugin | Minecraft

►Hey DiamondRushXD here, you ever wanted a new and custom pet well you can with this jumbo plugin called mpets :D ►Hey you amazing person! Thanks watching and if you could smack that like button that helps me out a ton and if you could subscribe, so you can stay in touch and watch more videos. ►Second Channel ►Follow Me ~Twitter~ @Antonio_Rush ►Mpets -Pet Packs ►Subscribe ►More Videos! ►Music Found In Video Intro ~ Steerner - Warfare Outro ~ Young Squage - Transformer BackGround Music Incompetech Ncs I don't own any rights to the game as shown on screen. ◆DiamondRushXD


xPurplez: please free link man please subs like share please

Wxlco: Give me dl!
It got deleted on the site

Wxlco: Give me a download of all these pets!
The website updated, so they arent there anymore

Icestorm Wolf: aaaaaack this plugin is SO amazing, but unfortunately I can't buy it ;-; Oh well, it's alright! Still amazing xD

KrisP: :( how to get this for free i love the panda :(

Yaki Gaming: free ??

QWERTY: Now the plugins is buying( i'm french xD) can you mettre in download the PLUGINS (mediafire)

ArTiC Archer: can you do a permission plugin (ex how to make only some people be able to do some commands

ArTiC Archer: please do how to make custom pets

Barr Kirel: CUSTOM PET FFS ?

שקד יוסף: my wild pack <3

Fitness Empire: Such a good video! Thanks dude

pamda: Brilliant

DiamondRushXD: What would you like to see next? leave a comment :D