ASUS PadFone X Unboxed the XDA Way

AT&T advertises the PadFone X as a 2-in-1 device, in that vein we are offering a 3-in-1 unboxing. Typically on Unboxed the XDA Way XDA Developer TV Producer AdamOutler tears apart an innocent device all the way to its bare components, the 2-in-1 ASUS is not safe from this fate. AdamOutler unboxes the PadFone X, PadFone Station and the PadFone Dock keyboard, not stopping until we see the circuit boards running the whole show. However, he doesn't stop at striping it down to its bare bones. He shows you how you can root the device using TowelRoot. Finally, he shows us how to install a custom TWRP recovery. More information can be found in Adam's forum post. So what are you waiting for? Check out this video. Adam's Link mentioned in video: XDA Portal: XDA Forums: XDA Developer TV: Check Out XDA on Social Media. Twitter: Facebook: Google+: Music - Hey, Asus - Ringtone included with device


feri fadly: whether it can function keyboard for Asus Padfone s/x ?
please show function keyboard for asus Padfone s/x.

Eric Foster: I have the Padfone X and my Padfone station has stopped working, I get a vibrate when I dock the phone but no video on the screen.  I have never dropped the phone or station, not has the phone or station been around moisture.  The station stopped working after one time when the phone seemed hard to dock.  I am thinking something may be bent but I do not see well at all so not sure.  I still get the vibrate when I dock the phone but nothing happens.  When I remove the phone it acts like it was docked, screen on the phone has to refresh.  Does anyone have any ideas or know I can do to resolve this issue?

hacatan24: is there any roms for this device?? I haven't seen any

Elektro Dude: *all

Elektro Dude: I'm paying for a the expenses

Elektro Dude: Hello. 
First of all,I apologise for my english
When choosing this product helped gradually accumulated knowledge in a few years (I know Padfone series since the beginning of the first model) and I I decided on this particular model. 
For a more accurate and faster diagnosis and I think you need all the information I hold:
1.I was able to buy it online (on brought from the country of origin USA (because of what I know only there and in Asia is found), marketed by telecommunications company AT&T (has installed applications developed bythem,which I do not want on this product in any way because they will affect it’s performance sooner or later),unlocked network (to be used in my country-Romania, where there’s no such telecommunications company) and without warranty,but brand new with Android 4.4.2 KitKat on it- Version 
I also want to mention that I didn’t ever insert in it any microSIM card, I used it only connected to Wi-Fi and it don’t have any personal data in it (contacts, etc.) 
It didn’t have any problems when I bought it, for which I do not understand why it/they appeared. 
2. Problems found and that I’m aware of are: 
-error 491 in Play Store application when I try to download and install anything through it (doesn’t download or install, I do not exactly know which one of them causes this error). 
-It is not possible to update any existing applications on the device. 
-Some applications give error and close forced (suddenly) 
-at connecting the device to the pc via the USB port,it doesn’t provide access to the memory card in Windows. 
3.Attempts (unsuccessfully) to fix the problem: 
-the "google" solution to "remove account" 
- software and hardware reset (any of them you want). 
-Downloaded .apk file on the microSD card in order to install the Play Store application  manually 
 After all this, I tend to think that the problem is the firmware itself,which is not provided by the manufacturer on site support section of this model (as is normal in all the smart devices), as you can see for yourself by visiting the following link below , but only the source code of the operating system’s kernel.
Zdârcu Anton 
Phone : +40758408879

P.S. I sent the product for diagnosis,to the Asus authorised service in my country and 
they sent it back to me,saying that they aren't able to fix the problem and I that I should 
get in contact with  Asus USA ,but they need a valid USA address and given my situation I don’t have such an address because I’m from South-Europe (Romania)

Thank you in advance

I'm looking forward to hear back from you

Have a nice day

Danny McGuire: Hello could you please tell me more about the root? i downloaded towelroot on my Asus PadFone X and it told me that it was not supported on my device im not sure why but i can see in your video your running version 2 of towelroot when i downloaded it, it wa version 3 could this have anything to do with why im getting this error ? if so where can i find a earlier version of towelroot iv'e looked everywhere but cant seem to find version 1 or 2 but i have hear v1 works best but im not sure im new this please help and thank you in advance! 

Pierre Eklund: Your videos are awesome and hilarious. Keep it up!

Pryze: hmmm.. he has a blue snowball microphone and he uses the built in mic in his camera or whatever.. >.<

Ichigo Uzumaki: Very nice unboxing Adam.....

Simos Katsiaris: did you unlocked the bootloader?

McpeJoshuaCraft: Can u make root for Asus Fonepad™ 7 Dual Sim ME175CG

FreeTheSecondOne: I have the note 2. Think I should wait for the note 4 or jump on the padfone X and root it. My note 2 has been acting up on me lately.

497362: live detached keyboard is a handy good thing!

Rayyan AK: OMG u just did a postmortem ...!!

Romano Woodfolk: Adam is a nut... I think you can find his new single on itubes

Eli Garcia: Ugly ass device...

Smiler Online: This must be the first video from XDA in a long time which has no mention of the Xposed module, I almost started to think that XDA was only about Xposed...

ig33ku: Woooo!!!!

sergio silva: Now thats a realy good unboxing!!!!! Disassemble and plus rooted, cant go wrong with that. Great unboxing XDA.

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