Korbanth vs UltraSabers - OWK / Guardian


GreenStar: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CPVygPMs78o&t=0s&index=3&list=PLgLk3cR-jk61tAeA8lMM-TXl1I9qfMuA3

David Rondeau: Ultrasabers needs to scale down their hilts a bit. They are too big sometimes and don't really have very good details. Shit Ultrasabers don't even offer a standard activation box for a Graflex.

JettisoningVEVO: The US is slightly bigger than the real one in the film; which it's modelled on, no questions asked. Though I think it looks better slightly larger, but that's just me.


Dark Liam: The saberforge look like a shoto...

Squilluam 24: I have the ultrasabers guardian and i have no problem with the size, in fact it is accurate to the film

2K16: So the Korbanth doesn't light up?

Matt Bright: Just managed to snag an OWK from Randy yesterday. I had a Guardian, which disappointed me so much to the point that I immediately sold it when I received it and saw how GIGANTIC it was. I would be embarrassed to make something that huge and clunky and have the balls to claim it's a replica.

Andrew Gibbs: bigger is not always better.

That Wolf From Hyrule: Ultra's are like MAGLITES...embarrassingly huge

Skiball1979: mara jade had the emporer

jordan johnson: Wow the ultrasabers is almost the scale of the Hasbro signature series force fx version.

VolkswagenGamer: The Emperor's Hand is supposed to be like Mara Jade's lightsaber but honestly I would spring for the SaberForge version instead because of the size difference.

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