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Today's tutorial will cover the ZX Spectrum using RetroArch along with the Fuse Core. If you do not have RetroArch up and running yet please refer to this video. If you have any questions about anything covered in this tutorial please leave us a comment below or head on over to the forums to ask your questions of us there. Download the Text file shown in the video here- Associated Platform = Sinclair ZX Spectrum Default Command Line = -L "cores\fuse_libretro.dll" More info about controls and the core = Everything you need to know about the Zx Spectrum = LaunchBox: Our Patreon: Our Forums: Our Twitter: Our Facebook: Our Twitch: Our Discord: Big Box Cinematix Video Themes:


Big Jakkk: Fuse will not move from the white screen please help

Richard Renshaw: great, thanks for that - spectrum only 1 had an issue with, now works great !

freaker126: "i'm out of juice, baby!" lol. :p

D: Hi, when I run jetpac and go back into retroarch I scroll along to the history, click on jetpac but I only have an option to run? I dont have the options for controls etc...can somone help me with this please? When I click to go back to retroarch it pauses jetpac automatically, so when i click in history in retroarch I dont get the options...? Thanks

Soul Gaming: is there a way to download a big bundle of roms for any emulator

Christopher Holmes: Great tutorial, thanks. Is there anyway to be able to choose the model Retroarch/FUSE loads up without manually editing the cfg file?

For example if I go into the retroarch-core-options.cfg and and edit the file fuse to Spectrum 128k games like Robocop load up the 128k version with music and speech but that make makes fuse the default to 128k mode and then games that don't have a 128k mode and only 48k mode will often crash meaning I have to go back into retroarch-core-options.cfg and edit back to Spectrum 48k. Sorry if this is out of your area and thanks.

BTW, I'm a brit and pronounce SEGA "say-gah" :D

Tee-Bone!!: 50th like))

markegianni: My first computer 30 years ago and my first game Jet Pac. WOW !! What a coincidence ! Thanks guys for the tutorial, so it's on me now to try it out myself and import new ZX games in my BigBox (not all the games were supported last time).

NULUSIOS: Why everything with retroarch? Stand alone emus FTW! Always more current.

Alexandre Livrari: Awesome tutorial ! Thanks a lot !

Mariano Rivera: Launchbox is not playing around, they already had a amazing tutorial maker in Brad but they literally recruited the best emulation tutorial maker on the planet anyway. In Jason we trust! :)

Ejuice Vaper: Thank you for this. Had zx81 when it came out, , Sinclair 48, Atari 800xl when it came out, Atari 520 st, friends had commodore 64, acorn electron, Vic 20,, Amiga etc. Also almost evert console since Binatone Pong...'ve used emulators in the past, but this video has prompted me to get going with retroarch,, launch box, mame and the rest. Thank you so much.

Cortos de Metraje: Thx so much, i just asked it in last video XD

Marcus Brookes: Thank you for this ,,it brought back some very fond memories, there was so much software for the zx-spectrum and was sold everywhere

NJL 82: ETA!! great to see you here. I'd love it if Launchbox would do a Raspberry Pi build.... so easy to use & big box mode is amazing. ZX81 was my first computer... wow

Dean Winfrow: nice one USA 😀

Meth Methanoid: Well done ETA. You said Zed Ex not Zee Ex. It's a British computer so Zed is spot on.

Jan van den Berg: Thanks! I was waiting for this one. Awesome tutorial.

Jason barry: Noice! Thank you. I've been trying to get my controller working for a week and within 10 minutes I have it working perfectly now! Keep it up.

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