Top Junglers For Patch 8.8/Patch 8.9 (Season 8)

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One-Eyed Ryan: Hey Virkayu, I have been watching a lot of your videos recrntly and you're a big help to me as I'm a complete noob kayn jg main. I had a question. Why isn't kayn on this list? he has great clear and he can stay healthy in the jungle and he can snowball quite well early game and once his 'E' is unlocked, he has infinite gank potential. Thanks for answering in advance.


Not an Illuminati spy: What do you think about Gragas? I've basically turned into a WW only player cuz, he's a were-puppy and also noob friendly, but I feel like I should be picking a jungler to complement my team comps more and I'm seeing a lot of full AD so I was looking for a noob friendly AP type.

Adam Ray: Is hecarim that bad?

Shayan likes Vipers: I miss old Kha ult...

Pious Jose: Sejuani?

Robert Barnes: A lot of great content. Shaco ended up falling off very hard, his current win rate is under 20 percent in high mmr. The nerfs he got in 8.7 were crippling. Nunu on the other hand continues to be a sort of uncounterable jungler that has high utility. Not a carry, but very high utility junglers that can easily take the new scuttle crab will be valuable in the next patch.

Hai Seo: Rammus isn’t viable anymore?

Ace Vatica: Hey just found you from RezoneGAMES. nice channel!

João Rodrigues: master yi medium skill level hahaha

Night Weeb: How about Sejuani??

Robert Jones: it's kinda funny because i find success with cho and naut in the jungle albiet naut is falling off as i slowly climbish.

Sumsar: Udyr..ez to Play but... skill cappa can be high if You understand what he can do

AWeeb Things: What with elise? Is she a good pick?

Cloudsong: "You should always ban Kha'Zix if you're playing Kindred" THANK YOU!! SOMEONE GETS IT!!!! It makes my eyes bleed when i see someone pick my favorite champ into Kha

Pain Hammer: Aatrox jungle is a good pick in low elo if you can bring him to his fullest potential

mystery: Could I know what's the best jungle path after jungle changes? I'd like to hear ur opinion+

Kess_18: I know Talon isn’t the strongest jungler but if you could do a video on that it would be great!

mercury: Lol master yi listed as medium difficulty lmao

Blake Daniel: As my first major jg who should I get kindred or kayn??

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