EC1515B 4-digit Rotating LED Electronic Clock Kit Build

In this video I build an electronic clock kit! I attempt to do it with a cheap USB soldering iron, but don't last long before switching back to the Hakko. I also offer a few soldering tips and useful tools and gear. It's a decent little clock with animated LEDs, time, date, temperature, and light sensor. *This is an unpaid, non-sponsored review* Follow up video showing the laser cut case: EC1515A clock kit: Laser cut enclosure: Schematics and instructions: Patreon link:


Paul Palumbo: I was wanting to purchase this kit but seems from stock pictures that this won't go into the 12 hour time format??? Does anyone know how to, if possible, on how to switch this? A buddy got this kit and said it didn't come with instructions although he figured out how to get it all together...

Alan Clarke: Hi Just built this V3 , but noticed after an hour it's gained 2 mins already, anyone have any ideas why? Cheers

James Hauser: Clean the GD tip dude.

Robbin Nichol: I use these kits as an instructional tool in a HS electronics class. Over the years I've found it best if the LEDs are tested before soldering in the board as this is the one component that has proven to be unreliable. Simple to do with a coin cell, slip the coin cell between the legs of the LED with the long leg on the + side press the legs together and the LED will illuminate if it's good. While the kit looks complicated it isn't really that difficult but it is a good test of soldering skills and an excellent confidence booster when a kid gets it right.

John Berry: Can I ask you please, how many solder connections to the mini usb should there be? all the pins on mine dont appear to be long enough to go through the board to solder them. Thank you very much. John... :)

bestamerica: '
can this DIY rotating LED clock kit use a pack of four AA batterys = 6 volts...
would be work fine or better not...
will it burn out LED or microchip controller

Sébastien Lamon: Bonjours j'ai le meme kit ec1515b v3 mais pourquoi moi mes les il y a qu'un seul choix.le modele de base.

Sam Calloway: Great video!  So good I think I will buy and build this!

Евгений Валентинович Мишаков: Additional undocumented settings.
To get to them you need to press the "Mode" button and keep it pressed for 7-10 seconds. First, there will be a switch to the parameters in which the alarm is tuned after each hour, alarms, melodies, etc., DO NOT RELEASE the BUTTON, keep it pressed, after a few seconds there will be a switch to these settings:
1) On / Off brightness control depending on the light in the room.
2) Setting the sensitivity of the photosensor.
3) Temperature units: Of - degrees Celsius, On - degrees Fahrenheit.
4) Correction of temperature readings, 1 unit = 1 degree.
5) Time format: 12h / 24h.
6) Setting the information displayed: 1 - ALL (time, date, day of the week, temperature), 2 - time for 15 seconds. then the temperature is 3 sec, 0 - time only.
7) Automatic change of modes of a ring of light-emitting diodes. Values ​​from 0 to 84. 0 - do not change, 1-84 - change after 1-84 minutes. (That is, if you set the value to 1, the LED ring light mode will change to another one after 1 minute, if you put 5, then the mode will be changed every 5 minutes.)

Daniel Darby: Found the updated instructions for this if anyone needs them.

Gökhan ÖRS: Hello Darian;

I bought this clock(EC1515B V03) from banggood.
Everything is ok.Only LEDs variation doesn't work.LEDs only working seconds and hourly chime.
Do you help me about that?


Gary Weliver: Thank You for this LED clock kit project video. I will buy one! Thank you for the tips and the extra little tid-bits of things we should be thinking about to make a project successful!

Midhun Kumar: In my clock,it takes more than 7 seconds to finish a single second in the clock... can anyone please help me with this problem...

John Berry: Can I ask you please, how many solder connections to the mini usb should there be? all the pins on mine dont appear to be long enough to go through the board to solder them. Thank you very much. John... :)

John Berry: Just about to start building my kit, thanks for the tutorial. John.... :)


Bora Yurtoren: Nice video, do you have an update on the accuracy of the clock? Also some people have mentioned that you need to keep your finger on the button of that usb soldering iron, and/or you need a better power supply capable of putting out 2+ amps inorder to get better results. Any comments on those will be appreciated too. Thanks.

Pete Anderson: Hello, I got this kit. Went together well, but on testing, I can't change the led modes.

I get a weird number after the date scrolls by "-3-".

Also I get 24 options instead of 13 in the "long hold" setup section. After option 9, they are all weird, unknown settings.

I have been soldering for quite a few years now and have checked all the joints. Built the earlier version (smd) of this with no issue.

Any suggestions please?

Jeff Flowers: Your solder may not have enough (or any) flux.

Jeff Flowers: That's the newer version with no SMD parts. I've assembled both. Both are fun.

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