Connecting to your Nvem V2 Part 1- Solved :0 ;) :D

This is Part 1 of the tutorial for getting a connection between your computer and the Novosun Nvem V2 4- 6 axis. Mainly, getting the plug in and the the manual, some tips! Please like and subscribe there will be more videos coming, so stay tuned! Here is the link for Novosun CNC website:


Jim Lambier: I'm looking forward to Part 2. I just received mine this week and although I've seen worse manuals, it does seem to be lacking detail.
I made the mistake of trying to update the latest firmware through Mach3's 'Config Plugins'. It seems like this should be simple but it took me several hours of unplugging and reinstalling to get it to work. After all of that, I still have version 0.001 firmware.