Reading from different sensor can be saved into EXCEL SHEET by using PLX-DAQ. Only we have to Match the COM PORT and baud rate. DOWNLOAD LINK


Yogesh Italiya: bhai muje employee attendance register time in time outb with fingerprint sensor koi video suggest kijiye

Jeremiah Elkan Fundano: Hi what excel should I use? can it work on 2016 / 2013? both 64 bit and 32 bit?
Thank you in advance.

yew aik chua: Hi, my plxdaq is working fine, however I'm pushing this data from excel to PowerBI through the query and connection in excel but I realised when plxdaq is connected, it is preventing the excel from auto refreshing. Any idea how to go about it?

Tanisha Dey Roy: Hello sir ,your video helped me. Can you do me a favor!
I want Ultrasonic sensor's data in Excel sheet using Arduino and plx-daq

Faizan Nisar: red light is going after recieving values serially but it doesn't show anything in excel. im using excel 2010 plz reply

Muhamad Haziq: why when i want to connect the PLX, it pop out StampDAQ could not connect? TQ SIR

SANJAY KUMAR GUPTA: Muhamad Haziq ...either you have downloaded wrong plxdaq library.. download Tha plxdaq from the link given in description.. or you may have not matched portsw

Just4 Electronics: Awesome bro keep it up👍

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