Ballet Beautiful Quick Tip - Maximize Your Swan Arms® Cardio

In this video, Mary Helen Bowers demonstrates how to maximize Swan Arms® Cardio with three principles for your Ballet Beautiful workouts. To Purchase Swan Arms®: Visit our Store here:


Melisa Maness: I came here everyday for swan arms and now it’s gone. Shit are you afraid You are losing money. I can’t believe the stingy ness of people. Mary Helen u have lost a fan.

Alexandra Chiș: why most of your videos are deleted???

Ольга Гальцева: красивая женщина и балерина!

Tess Terrible: I've started doing Swan Arms during my lunges/squat exercises just because I get kind of bored doing them. It's made an amazing difference.

AnoushkaRitz: I love this great short tutorial! What a delight! Thank you :)! It really helps to stay connected to the BB program and also it is important to have proper technique when performing the exercises.

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