FT245RL FT232RL connect to USB Test Software

In this video show, first time connect FT245RL to computer with WIN7, installing drivers, open program FT245RL Test v1.1, select device, serial number, set pin D0, D1, D2.. to Input or Output and send bytes to FT245RL. More information: http://www.qubbeks.puslapiai.lt/articles.php?article_id=35


Владимир Молчун: где можно взять такую программку?

Nakornban-Bike ซ่อมบิ๊กไบค์: What the function do you use for driver bit on and bit off in FTD2XX.dll?

शशांक परब: How does it show up in the device manager? Does it show as USB device (HID or any other) or a Parallel port like LPT1, LPT2?

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