How to Hack WPA/WPA2 Wi-Fi With Kali Linux Aircrack-ng

This is a easy verbal step by step guide to follow. Feel free to ask me any question you may have. No question is small. Asking a question may help someone else, so please ask and enjoy! If you are using VMware, Virtual box, or any Virtual application you will need to use an external USB WIFI card capable of packet injection. My Wireless card: An Alfa and is only around $19 Here is link to my page going into details about the best Kali Linux wireless USB adapters. You can review and purchase.


Alexander Ranjit Kaula: mine says theres no wireless extension so how do i get the wlan0

TheDudeGuy: I'm getting it how it works now, I'm a beginner tho.. I just downloaded kali linux 3 days ago but I've been busy searching for tutorial for all these kind of stuff, your video got the best contents so far. Can you tell me how to get started with Kali Linux? I'm new

Jorge Kurt: Taking advantage of this place numerous times and it can show the pass considerably
Do not activate proxy or vpn if you are not use it

Dhinesh Duker: Help me please.. When I enter airmon-ng start wlan0 it shows chipset as unknown and in driver it says error while getting interface flags: No such device. What to do?

paolo rossi: HELP-HELP! I have a problem, after i had typed airodump-ng wlan0mon(mine is named like this) it shows your same page but it doesn't find any network

Tio FaíscaTM: bash: /usr/sbin/airodump-ng: Input/output error
i'm using Kali Linux 2016.2

Ahmed Patel: Ink That Bruh can We do This In our andriod Devices If Yes Can You Make Kne Tutorial Of it

J z: i am getting no such file or directory..

Prabhjot Singh: help me bro its urgent

Prabhjot Singh: bro help me!
i followed your process but when i command aircrack-ng OURFILE-01.cap -w /pentest/passwords/wordlists/darkcOde.lst

it says
fopen(dictionary) failed:no such file or directory
and then opens ourfile-01.cap
and at last line it says
please specify a dictionary (option -w)

Donny Witteberg: no network showing up for met when i put in the command airodump-ng please help

Magical Josh: so when i type ariodump-ng mon0 it says no such device, i need help please

Thomas Radar: Need some help with Deauth command. What information goes in "AP Target"? and hat information goes into "MAC Adress"? thanks.

Jack L: Do i need a wireless adapter even if im not using a virtual machine?

510jesus: Can it find the key to wpa as well and not just wpa2?

Frauline Martus: is this working even if you dont have internet.?

Sakayudha: Thank you very much for the tutorial.

Ink That! Offensive Security: Paul Strausse Sorry for delay. The best way when #hacking,
looking for handshakes, is to do a deauth attack. If there are not any
devices connecting to the AP, then you will not get any handshakes no
matter how long you scan. Open a separate terminal and run a #deauth
attack, letting it run for 10-15 seconds then press ctrl c to stop.
Rinse and repeat for about 5-10 times. You will then get your

Paul Strausse: I want to start by saying thank you in being clear and concise in your instructions. My question is...
I am running Kali Linux in a virtual box using an ALFA wireless LAN adapter. I am at 5 minutes plus with Beacons at 3500+ and #Data at 924+ and have yet to establish a single handshake. Any suggestions to offer?

marcus marcus: HELLO! how and where should i save darkc0de?
i got an error here

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