Augmented Reality Tutorial No. 34: Screenshot of Augmented Reality View and Sharing it on Facebook

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Juan Montoya: This works with the newest version?

G From: Hey I need to save the screenshot and  load inside unity with IOS . Can you telll me please how?? thank you

Hanan Afif: Please can u make tutorial hot to make flashlight function on AR vuforia with button or toogle button Thx,BTW nc Tutorial

Fahmi Ahmad: the tutorial not show how to put plug in..can u teach me how to put ?

Fahmi Ahmad: how can i get the script?

Иван Холодилин: Do you know how to record video?

G From: compliments very good tutorial. And can you tell us how to capture even the elements of the canvas in the screenshot?
Thank you very much

Ethan Wimsett: The share button isn't working, using galaxy S6 :(

Андрей Турланов: Hello.
Is it possible to make and screen video with Vuforia and share after that?

Казыбек Аскарбек: thanks a lot

Mouad Akacha: Hi edgar, thanks for your tutorial, the pictures are stretched and the sharing button is not working any help from you please!!!

Guillermo Gutierrez: Plugin is no longer free :-(

Jonathan Zarate Hernandez: :( No me muestra las opciones para compartir la imagen? alguien tiene el mismo problema ? saludos

Rahul Maurya: HEY Edgaras ... Thanks for the tutorial. i almost completed doing this by following your video but when i click on share nothing happens ... can you please help ? or if you can tell how can i change the path of the saved screenshot ? Thank you .

Dipo Sanjaya: Hallo Edgaras,, thanks for your tutorial,, but why my apps didn't work to screenshoot and share AR??

gor jess: so i want to change the path of my android screen shot but i dont know how and i have one other issue when it screen shots the canvas it copys over previous screenshot instead of making multiple pngs. how do you fix this?

Raziman Dom: Thank you Edgaras Art for this tutorial.

If you guys have problem using latest android plugin: Assets/SnapshotShare.cs(7.17):error cs0246: The type or namespace name 'AndroidUltimatePluginController'could not be found.Are you missing a using directive or an assembly reference.

Just download the whole project from Edgaras website and copy AndroidUltimatePluginController.cs script from ARShareSnapshot\ARShareSnapshot\Assets\AndroidUltimatePlugin\Scripts\Main to your project assets folder (Assets\AndroidUltimatePlugin\Scripts\Main)

Chairat Kluaymai: Thank a lot Egaras Art I doing a project about AR. and I learn a lot from you. Thank you so much.

Tung Nguyen Ngoc: Anyone tried the share button? I have followed the video carefully but the share button didnt work for me at all. I'm using Android Lollipop. Thanks

wilfer cardona: your tutorials are all soo clean and easy to understand. Thanks