How good is Sebastian Vettel? The Racer's Edge 35 Part 2

Now that Sebastian Vettel has joined Michael Schumacher (7), Juan Manuel Fangio (5) and Alain Prost (4) as one of only four drivers to have won four F1 World Championships or more, we ask some of his peers about where, in their opinion, Sebastian now stands amongst the all-time greats. In the studio we are delighted to welcome the 1964 F1 World Champion, John Surtees - the only man ever to have won on both two wheels and four. We talk to Sir Jackie Stewart, three times a winner of the F1 Championship; and, from a different angle, we chat to the doyen of Italian journalists, Giuseppe "Pino" Allievi. Born into a motor racing family - Pino's father worked for Ferrari - Pino is today the highly-respected F1 feature writer for Gazzetta dello Sport and also the colour commentator for RAI TV in Italy. He is also a former winner of the Dino Ferrari Award for journalism. You'll love him. Subscribe to F1 Magazine - All pictures copyright LAT Photographic -


burns985: Vettel didnt win 4 titles. Adrian Newey did.


Christian Théus: Of course sir Jackie sounds winded... he's walikng his dogs, has he stated at the begining

adrian geronimo: sir Jackie sounds like he's catching his breath the whole time.
great interview though. both the 1st and 2nd part.

RLHubner: Who cares who is best? Is it really that entertaining to watch 1 guy win endlessly? It isn't with Vettel, wasn't with Schumacher. It was with Prost/Senna because there was rivalry. Just put two world champions in a winning car and let them go at it.

urumax2003: Ferrari winning constructors for sure!

Dessislava Jeleva: All my respect for Sir Jackie, but his comments on Kvyat are complete bullshit. The guy just won GP3 and was already with very good chances when the video was record.

Mr GreenBeef: Top show as always. Great work from the whole team and what a lineup of fantastic guests this week.

Nafiz Chowdhury: Thankyou Peter excellent video, would you be able to ask Rob for his opinion on Vettel as well?

bbull15: When its all said and done vettel will be the GOAT hes choosing the right team and working with the team to get better is part of being a great driver

thalamay: Actually, I could see Vettel driving in the same team as Hamilton, albeit not Ferrari. But if Mercedes builds a credible competitor for the next couple of years, Seb's future might well be silver instead of red.

7seattle7: pussy meister in amazing car

Sander Scheffer: Great episode! Loved to see the charming honest smiling Surtees, he's eyes and smile always shine full of passion for the sport and his stories are so real honest snd interesting! And Sir Jacky, well ... need i say more? The wise good old Jacky always seems to be right in what he says, you can't disagree with his opinions. He leaves me speechless with his wisdom everytime.... Peter, a lot of thanks for this, really enjoyed this one, super great job !

nizzlemp5: and Surtees was right about Hulkenberg

nizzlemp5: man I love hearing from the older F1 drivers. great stuff

crossphaded: If he can win next year when the playing field is somewhat leveled with the introduction of the new V6 Turbos and other rules changes that will challenge the masterminds like Newey, Goss, Allison to deliver a efficient, durable, and well-sorted car for 2014. If Vettel can still dominate with a less-superior car, I'll be teh first to crown him as one of the best ever.

crossphaded: I don't discount his feat of him winning 4 titles in a row, but I still think the jury is out on him being Top5 F1 drivers ever. He's had the best car that past 4 years and the only definitive conclusion you can make is he's a better driver than Mark Webber, since they drive identical cars. I do despise his shrewdness and bloated ego. I realize Schumacher, Senna, Prost all possessed an heir of arrogance, but I think they were more subtle than Vettel. Maybe its Seb's whiny, immature demeanor.

luis _: Me and Shannon are both Americans who never knew about f1. It's the top tier of Motorsport and thanks to your excellent content peter I actually have come to love the sport. If only you had a show on NBCSports instead of the crappy hunting reruns they show.

Shannon Suber: Im sad to say I didnt even know formula 1 existed until 2010 and im 25 years old. Here in America there is ZERO coverage so growing up I just didnt know. Now with the internet and people like you Peter, through your videos, passion and dedication I can enjoy Formula 1 coverage and keep myself informed. I wish everybody could see how awesome F1 is but they just dont show anything here. Thank you.

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