2018 Seat Cupra R (310hp) - DRIVE & SOUND!

The full DRIVE & SOUND with the recently revealed and limited 2018 Seat Leon Cupra R delivering 310 hp & 380 Nm of torque out of the well-known 2.0 TSI. We knew that Seat would have enhanced the Sound compared to the "regular" Cupra 300, but we didn't expect this SHOW...WOW! The exhaust system might look similar to the outgoing GTI Clubsport but the setup (I guess mainly through electronics) is a lot more aggresive. Please stay tuned for lots more photos and videos on Facebook & Instagram! ---- Like our videos? Find more Automann-TV content on: ---- Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/automanntv/ Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/AutomannTV Web - http://www.automann.tv


Emmanuel Tadeo Caballero Cano: Amazing car

Unlimited Topcars: amazing car !!!

John iNeewZ: Mdrrrrr le mec va arracher le levier de vitesse comment il stress quand il passe les rapports c'est un malade

PVR6: Shit 4 cilinder. Put the 2.5 tfsi in this. It's a shame that VAG stops with their famous VR 6-enigines

Gary Eaton: Sat in one Seat showroom stunning like being in a black pod everything black even ceiling. Beautiful car

rudi henrard: Jobard

Ahmed zizo: يا ربي اعطيني وحدة كيفها

Angel Smoke: Die Handschuhe..... omg wie tuffig.

Jackson Liekmann: Best looking Hot hatch ever..Than a Golf! 😃😃

Jackson Liekmann: We need that in America including Skoda. I have to pray they don’t classify their cars as luxury cars just like what FCA did to Alfa Romeo..

Jiho Park: Looks more like a Scirocco , bettern then the boring Golf :D

ILYA Sidorenko: ахуенное говнище

Gobberz !!!: If only I had 30K

Dexgeta.: No handbrakes no party!

Adamboulahia17 Adam2015: just buy an audi rs3 with a 5 cylender engine that sounds sick not this cheap golf

Tadej Božičko: Interior look like crap.

Alex Wolf: I wouldn't buy golf R, when you this one

Blue HD: Ist an dem irgendwas verändert oder hört sich jeder so an?

KAZUYADOG: Did not do very well on 5th Gear when pitted against Audi S3,Civic Type R and Megane RS. https://www.questod.co.uk/show/fifth-gear/video/episode-3/EHD_226378B

Joselito Castellanos Alejandro: Lastima que no llegue a Mexico esa version y la.caja manual.
Por cierto, le va a quedar en la mano la palanca.

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