Александр Свешников - Репетиция хора

Государственный Академический русский хор, худ. рук. Александр Свешников Запись 1971 г.


arjens0: There are not many countries in the world where the level in art was so high as in the formal USSR.
The USSR gave us art in all their forms which is unforgettable!!!!
We should honour all these people who made the earth so beautiful with such a beautiful art!!!!!!!
Schwesnikov and his singers was one of them!!!

arjens0: The best choir-conductor ever. Also the best singers.

Erika Wallner: very very good video my friend

783nata: Бесценные кадры! Спасибо огромное, Алекс!

Елена Астахова: Спасибо,Алекс!

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