Install and setup Radarr for the best in movie downloads and management on unRAID

This video is a tutorial about how to setup and use Radarr for movie management on downloads. You will see how to prepare your existing movie catalogue to be compatible with Radarr, how to install the container then finally how to configure and use Radarr. This tutorial was done as a docker on unRAID but the principles will apply on other systems too. Please, if you can, support the channel and donate Information Programmes used to prepare files files2folder filebot. Radarr website Thanks to The limetech team for unRAID Binhex for his container for radarr


David Usi: @Spaceinvader One

Head's up: you can get filebot from sourceforge where they host the win64 variant among the other platforms (4.7.9 as of this writing)
But getting it from the windows store for 19.99 helps support the dev buy beer.

Also, the need for files2folder is negated because filebot has a built-in renaming system that even includes a template for plex.
(right click on Match, Edit Format, cycle through Movie, Music & Episodes (TV) with the bottom left button)
I've set mine to do "{home}/Movies/{ny}/{ny}" which results in [Mapped Shares Folder]/Movies/Movie Name (Year)/Movie Name (Year).ext

Note: My Plex media library and completed folder (for Deluge) are both under the same shares folder, if you have these two on separate shares, you will have to annotate that on your naming format. (I did this because I got tired of going into Krusader all the time just to move files from one share to another)

Thank you for both the Deluge & Krusader tutorials by the way!

David Delgado: it is a nice video but it is useless for a newbie like me that does not have a client installed. please make one for newbies, appreciated!~

Jay Scott: You don’t need the second program... just setup preset rename options in filebot and edit so the rename function to add them to your movie or tv folder directory.

Richard Paige: For anyone using a Mac (which does not have Files2Folder) have a look at:

Holly & Dustin:

charlescc1000: Aug 2018 - FileBot for Win10 looks to be difficult to come by for free. If $20 works for you, go for it. If you prefer free, the free version is still available on Ubuntu Software, and (I believe) totally legit.
Edit: Nope, allows me to waste all my time getting 99% of the way there, then asks me to purchase a license

AncientVale: Quick question, do you know how I can limit the files that Sonarr grabs to be Plex friendly? Meaning Mp4 container with an H.264 video stream and AC3/AAC Audio stream? I want to force Sonarr to only grab those to make my CPU hurt a little less.

Bob Ellison: FileBot is now a commercial product for Windows. Cost $20 at this moment in time.

Spanxxxx: Cheers for the video mate. Another way to put you vid files to folder is using a program called Media Center Master. It is really quite good.

Samekas: The container you are using is better than the other one? I always get the error" Folder is not writable by user abc" with the other container

Kenneth Adams: Interesting, as you setup the container path: /data, the window showed "/mnt/user/downloads" then as you setup the media path, the /data path changed in the video to "mnt/cache/downloads". Which do you recommend using and why? Thanks!

Joey: Anybody know if Radarr will work the Hardlinking option over shares in Unraid? For some reason Hardlinks are not being used and multiple copies of owned films are being downloaded. 9TB is literally filling up in a few days...Any ideas?

geekdomo: Love your vids, I wouldnt attempt Unraid without them. However, Radarr is still wonky. What it does is (and maybe you can make a video about how to fix this?), is it downloads the movie just fine. Then at some random point it says, hey! I found a better version out on the internets!. It then deletes the old version, downloads the new version and oops, it has a password or fails for some reason. What the net result is movies that I had that were perfectly fine (4k, great copy) are suddenly deleted with no warning. I tried turning off monitoring but it persists in deleting all of my movies randomly. I had over 150 movies in my library, 3 weeks later I had 52, then it was down to 10. That was really disheartening. So, if you know of a way to fix this issue please let us know in an updated video? For now I have moved to Watcher as it does NOT do this "feature"


TheRetri Jeans: im using newshosting and news demon what i hate about newsgroups is missing articles alot on both account from shottereno alot those are not even 2 years old im done with newsgroups

Matt Goebel: I purchased filebot from the windows store and when I tried to use it, I got a permissions error. Is there something I can do to use it. Also I saw there was a docker for filebot on unraid, care to do a video on how to use it?

Tony Andruzzi: 3 Amigos 2?

Nehemiah Reese: Your vids are the best

Chris Copp: Thanks again Spaceinvader, would also like to make note, in my situation, my media is using your Rclone setup, but I copy instead of sync to save space on my home array while having maximum selection on my unlimited gsuite, problem with my setup is all my movies aren't in folders and if I make that change I think rclone will duplicate everything and try to copy it all again which would take a few weeks I imagine. So I didn't bother doing a bulk import and still use the program to find and add new wanted future movies. I also imported my old couch potato list quite easily. Just thought i'd share as I'm sure i'm not the only one with movies not able to convert each to a folder. Keep up the good work!

Bill Walker: Oh, yeah. The person selling Filebot has decreed henceforth that persons wishing to use his software on the Windows platform shall pay their $20 and use ONLY Windows 10 (since... "Users of versions preceding W10 will have to upgrade eventually."). And I'm convinced all versions of Filebot on SourceForge no longer work on anything but W10. I have no problem paying the $20. I have a problem with the bs about operating system upgrade. In any event I won't be upgrading to W10 simply to use Filebot. Too bad as it appears to be an excellent bit of software. Alas.... (again).

Bill Walker: So my SABnzbd setup/connection works, yet when I try adding SAB in Radarr (followed these instructions precisely for the set up, I get "connection failed" notifications EVERY time. I even get notices to disable movie sorting in SABnzbd along with these "connection failed" notifications. This makes NO SENSE since I use the same credentials (API key, user name, password, IP and port) in SABnzbd where it works. Anyone have a suggestion? Is this just my private hell? Thanks in advance!

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