Little Mix - Change Your Life

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mylittlepony fan2005: Love this song

Zilver Dautzenberg: I love little mix

Amelia Johnson: cmon guys get it to 100m

Amelia Johnson: This song is powerful to a lot of girls aged 10-18 getting bullied for there body when it’s normal for puberty and it’s normal or hate urself at this age. It’s lovley to have a girl band who know understands

Andrés Arnould: 2:52 Still Giving me Chills. Perrie is Untouchable

Andrés Arnould: 2:52 still untouchable chills

Ayendy De La Rosa: I LOVE THIS SONG

It's yo gurl Daizee: NEARLY AT 100m views! COME ON MIXERS!!!

Efi Mixer: GO MIXERS

Abhi Gosavi: 💖

imeda gamer 27: my girls <3

Beata ErnmanThunberg: This song is the reason I’m alive

ang: this was THE little mix banger

Martín αηgєl Tv: 2019?

love jelena forever: Anyone in 2018?

Yasmely Mendez: 👌👌

Madison Lyons: 2018? 👀

Shortie _c_: This will forever be the song that gets me through the day! It’s inspirational to everyone. Little mix doesn’t just aim their music at one type of person they aim at everyone, anybody can enjoy lm 💕💕💕

neel mohabeer: 💜💙💚

Becky Gradwell: Let’s get to 100millionnnn

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