Little Mix - Change Your Life

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JustAn ItalianGirl: I wonder if they accept the fans who has different style from them, like me. I wear black but I listen all kind of music, and i feel so alone..

unicorn 23957: when will you guys make 2018 songs?

Tiger Fox FOR LIFE!: I'm sorry if it seemed like I do not like this band I do I listen to all the time with me and my friend I just it's weird to me how most of their songs are about love sorry

Tiger Fox FOR LIFE!: Sorry if it seeme

Tiger Fox FOR LIFE!: I'm not bothered about it, it just seems strange to me. I have never seen so many songs about love by one band

Vivianne Hellen: 2018 ?

Baharudeen Tayuan: 2.9 million views ti reach 100 mill8on

chocodount 08: my fav song and this song is used anarcans got talant for sofi

unicorn 23957: so close to 100 million views

suyog patil: Not even 100M ?
Why that should get 1B

Evvie Crawley: This changed my life when it heard this song it helped me get through the stage when it was bullied 😥😘

Lacey Wagers: 💘 it

Olivia Dickinson: Me and friends are band like you called me little chicken and we use most of your songs

Logan Sharpe: It’s slowly getting to 100m!

Heno De Pavria: Holy crap, this was released 5 years ago? I remember boping to this like it was yesterday!

Bubbleslime 101: I can’t wait for July me and loads of my friends are going to see these 4 beautiful girls ❤️❤️❤️

Fatyfleur Os: I love little mix sooooooooo much ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

dayo chris: Their new song and collab with cheat codes, only you is coming this friday

Aishath Yumnu: At first I hate this song then at last I think I love this song then I liked it 👧

LittleUnicornCapri: Can we reach 100M before LM5? 💪🔥💕

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