After Effects Tutorial Metropolitan City Element 3D

New better sound, more in depth tutorial here In depth Tutorial on how to create a metropolitan city in After Effects Required plugins and packs: Element 3D and Metropolitan pack from also from


Farshid Amini: soud so low AND my after effect dont have this option, defrend, i dont have element

Karlos César: Good Tutorial!

Incloud Design: What?

KRISP FILMS: Great tutorial, thanks heaps! I didn't have a problem hearing you talk, just had to turn up the volume, easy.

Ray f. Kurts: animation was good but the sound volume was the worst I've ever heard. Turn it up so we can understand what's going on????????????

Ken Yong: Can't hear. What talk you?????

Adriangal: my god fix ur fucking microphone...

VelocityVFX: Updated and better tutorial with better sound, more in depth and detailed here

Wreels Productions: why is there no sound?

John Orchard: You know this is awful, right?

Gene LaRose: audio is terrible....glad I didn't donate

Bob DiMarzio: Audio is extremely low and muffled

VelocityVFX: Support me Patreon if you like my Tutorials

VelocityVFX: If you like this pleas donate to my Patreon so i can bring you more of this awesomeness

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