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Xhιβιτ 10101: I cant play ros Always crashing😢😭

Potato Love: What is adblock you piece of shit i am never gonna like or thumbs up dislike

Redpill ofmatrix: You’re saying the app shuts down all crashes because of ad blocking are you high no actually you must be very sleepy go to bed and when you wake up please speak English

Lucky Lah: Liking the intro lol.

Pipin Ha Gaming: is this effective on ipad 2 ? i cant play mobile legends it always crash when play game , how to fix ??

Custom Redstone: how do i delete anti revoke

Giuseppe Calderon: pls. help me my ipad is always crashing when playing ros

༒Ᏸʀʊɧ༒ LΘYΛLTY: #Notification squad

KuZaYan Gaming: 608 likes 68 dislike hahaha😂😂😂

richard palmares: Say it dude it crush on ipad 2

•Monica Sanchez•: How do you download Adblock?

KeithGXTimer: I cant play Rules of Survival on my iPad its crashing going to home screen.

I am the Captain now: Is this effective on ipad 2? I cant play Rules of Survival because it always crash when starting game

Evan Flynn: Luckily now and days we can block youtube ads😂😂😂 ive blocked 2200 ads this week!

Trong 928292: Go on iPad 2 and download it

Ali Akbar: Yawn

Enklebreth: Does this still work

MAGZ: Adblock cost money ?!!?Tutu ahhh okay

JURI 100 GAMING: I want that siri😀😂

Mikey Peters: Can’t the be added into my home routers block list?