Amazon Flex Hack-Tutorial for New Users

1. Change to New APN 2. Press "Refresh" on the Offers page of the Flex app 3. On Termius, press Start Grabber 4. On Termius, press Check Output to see if the grabber is running. Email me at or text me if you have any questions.


Bound to Discovery: Hello you have script in miami ???

Albert Rodriguez: How to setting the apn and host?? Thanks good video.

wilfredo tarafa dominguez: good morning I am interested in that app to be able to have trips because here in las vegas nevada it is getting difficult to take trips my email is please can you help me

Gerardo Valero: good morning, I'm interested in the system

ojo tope: i don't understand your video how does it work

Gabriel Bello: I have written to your email. please read it. I wait for your answer

franca dim: thumbs up

Armando Rivero: I need help, how to get this system? please email me at

Peace Hacker: Updated Files available for current users setup by me. Text me or email me at