Building your own cryptocurrency trading bot using Python and the Poloniex API

Brian walks you through a simple cryptocurrency trading bot in Python and using the Poloniex API. The code from this video can be found here: Poloniex API: How moving averages work: Get some bitcoin ornaments for Christmas: Contact me directly:


Jose Vargas: Yup, try Poloniex if you want your personal info to be spread everywhere. Literally everywhere

The Tech Guy: Hey Brian, Im interested in your api i think there is potential in making profitable, just needs a little tweak here and there, i have a few ideas to improvise the API contact me and ill be glad to help you out.

Ibn Battuta: This guy sounds nice but looks creepy as fuck 😂

Pankaj Kumar: Hello friend, I am developing a software , and need fresh data for Graph...but it is difficult to write fresh data....any suggestions for me...?

Elliot V: I dont really understand the cancel order, is that if the order is not filled we cancel it?

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tushar jadhav: I need btc script

THERESAPARTYINMYHEAD: Can you make a bot to tidy your room?

Christopher Ridgway: Already made a bot for Binance, 3 iterations over the past year. I just don't think Python is the fastest tool to knock up a strategy.

imenabde: Can you go short on Poloniex?

Albin: 1:52 left side of his neck

Crypto review: in my opinion New Bitcoin Arbitrage Bot is better cause it s always updated and has several advanages againt this soft.You can watch tutorial and download free version(trial) here for test.But even trial version is better.

Indio Ystilo: In all the years I have been reading about bitcoin, this by far is the best and most digestable explanation I have heard. Thanks!

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Hưng Vu Duy: làm thế nào để tôi có thể liên hệ với bạn

Анна Величко: Thanks for the done work, I watch your videos long ago. What you can tell about the arbitration bot bibitbot com . Why all discuss him and praise and whether so he is good as they speak about him.

Rumor Has it: Binance bot for dummies vid please

natalie nie: Man, this is awesome!!! You are a genius! Thank you !!!!

Bob Clarke: A question:
I'm doing computer automated trading. Or trying to.
Say I'm doing the BTC_MAID pair.
Going from BTC to MAID I use the exchange rate shown as ~.000066. And the trade executes.
But going back to BTC, or MAID to BTC, in my software do I "SELL" and use the 1/.000066 as a rate?

Andy Martinez: thanks for this man much appreciated

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