How to fix Isuzu 1.7L EDU 8971891360 , 8971891361 , 8971891362 - Diesel pump EDU/ECU

The following video is about how to fix some of the problems in EDU. This unit was fixed before for a technician who couldn't remove the PCB and just followed some of the advices from Internet. But more job was required. Using the right tools, process and commun sense, the final result was bad devices found under the PCB. If you liked this video, or if it was worthy for you, please give a LIKE. You can also join the channel for more interesting videos like this. Thanks by watching it!


jairo vegacampo: Tienes esta reparación en español?

Ajuuulk aj: Thanks Bob.
Could you say me the type (reference) for buy this transistors?

Thanks and regards

Keith Adams: Hi Bob, thanks for video. I opened my unit and found that the component on the right leg of 25PO6 on the bottom left hand corner is burnt. Is it possible to tell me what that component is and what its value is. It looks similar to the two white components on your video. Do you have an email address to converse easier?

spaidermenas2: Thank you for a great video, just wanted to add that this tutorial also works for 8971891363. Just finished fixing mine, it was a dried solder joint so nothing big.

Pablo Bonome: hola como estas? tendras el diagrama de conexion de este modulo, quiero hacer el banqueo del mismo.

hena inektor.:
3382 3384 3385

SL ****: Молодец!!!
Так держать коллега!

Hashem AL-Daoud: Hello I will need your help about a ECU that they told me it can’t be fixed could you email me on it’s for chevrolet LuV Dmax 2008 v 6 engine computer

mahe alam: hello sir ..can ask you ?where are from please shere whatsapp number or email...

Visar Limani: I have this problem, i have fixed it 3 times , it works for sometime then again the same issue is comming, do u know from where the issue is comming? Whats wrong?

Δημήτρης Δρούλιας: thenks you very much! i change the mosfet with irf 540n the car works for 3 minutes and then the new mosfet crack again! please give me your advice about the problem??????????????? th

mazdapremacy97: very nice video, thank you i enjoyed watching.

Алексей Черных: Хорошее замечание о перемычках, которые кто-то паял до этого.

Igor Simonovic: Thanks Bob for nice explanation. I found some dry joints and re-soldered them. The car works 3 days and stoped again. all teh components seems to work nicely. I have to do some measurements with oscilloscope to find a problem.

S R Patnaik: Brilliant video...very lucid explanation...Greetings from india...

examen1996: I have the astra g y17dt ,my ecu ain't dead ,but i watched your video in its entirety ,very good quality video . congrats

Angel Phoenix: Hola, sigo esperando respuesta, alguien sabe que componentes son, me siento super engañado, abri la ecu fui a comprar los componentes que pones al final del video y ahora resulta que no son esos o no se sabe a cual corresponden. Es una pena tener una ecu de pisapapeles

Kaku Server: hola bob. muchas gracias por el video. Te consulto. El primer regulador de voltaje del pin central al de la izquierda no tengo valor. los otros si me dan valores. Pero la primer medicion que tu haces no me da esos valores. Puede estar malo? Gracias por cualquier ayuda. Saludos

KerTer YT: hola.. en español por favor..! gracias!

Zoran Mikic: Thanks a lot, Bob for the detailed video. I repaired my EDU yesterday following your instruction. Luckily it was only dry joint on big capacitor and relay next to it.

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