How to Mine LBRY coins in Windows with the GPU miner

A short video showing how to mine LBRY coins using the GPU miner. Get LBRY Invite Link Download LBRY Miner . Buy anything on Amazon US UK Tips are appreciated. Here's my Addresses Bitcoin 12v4d15AuopsVzudct7J8LJMm7qH95SxA1 Ethereum 0x5B905114167C80276AD28A997f606C698547fe40


Guitarra: can you please give me the link to download sgminer ?Thank you

Todd Jackson: getting a different error now, no server were found that could be used to get work from
pool 0 url: stratum+tcp:// user: {my worker username} Password: {my worker password}

Todd Jackson: followed your video, however i get this when i launch sgminer.exe ...

input server tetails. need to spcify at least one pool server

Nathan Palmer: Eh, mine keeps saying OpenCL is not installed but I made sure AMD drivers are up to date and installed AMD's OpenCL tools. Still not detecting it and saying no GPUs available. Is there a better miner or a workaround for this?? I tried searching but can't really get any helpful info.

Avoton: How did you create your LBRY wallet and get it to be verified with the RPC?

Unown Artist: Am I too late now?

Necmettin Aslan: Thanks for good video, its interesting I am getting about 30 MH/s with my cheap R7 250x.. it is working ! :)

Daddycool: do you have an email. I need your assistance in a setup please. Thanks!

Ed Tundidor: is there a miner for Nvidia GPU and Intel instead of AMD. this miner wont work for me

M'Dub: hey
iam getting this error for some reason
i am running win8.1 GTX 970 + GTX 1060
sgminer -k lbry -o stratum+tcp:// -u MWGame1.mwgame1 -p x
i tried putting the 2x setx command lines and samething
maybe there's something wrong iam doing ?

maltatravel: Hey another question... is this still worth mining at the moment? the market has gone down so much for this coin lately,
still a good video though ! and which Gpu would you recommend is best for mining lbry?

ThePwnK: why do you prefer windows over linux for mining?

ZmuFFinMan: hey LeeI'm getting almost the same error message as FaVero is....  this is what I get:Starting sgminer 5.4.0-nicehash
" using jansson 2.7
ADL found more devices then opencl!
there is possibly at least one GPU that doesn't support OpenCL
use the gpu map feature to reliably map opencl to ADL
WARNING: Number of openCL and ADL devices did not match!
hardware monitoring may not match up with devices!
                            second screen[17:46:19] In file included from 1:2:
./kernel\ error: implicit declaration of function 'amd_bitalign' is invalid in OpenCL
header_with_defs_gpu.h:289:39: note: expanded from macro 'as_ulong'
In file included from 1:2:
./kernel\ error: invalid reinterpretation: sizes of 'ulong' (aka 'unsigned long') and 'int' must match
header_with_defs_gpu.h:289:21: note: expanded from macro 'as_ulong'
In file included from 1:2:
./kernel\ error: invalid reinter[17:46:19] Failed to init GPU thread 0, disabling device 0
[17:46:19] Restarting the GPU from the menu will not fix this.
[17:46:19] Re-check your configuration and try restarting.
Press enter to continue:BAT File
sgminer.exe --kernel lbry -o stratum+tcp:// -u mwdoddjr.worker1 -p x -I 19 -w 64 -g 4
 Hard Ware:2 MSI AMD R7 370...driver ver. 15.12Great video AS ALWAS thanks....

William Nugent: thanks...

William Nugent: Lee ..William Nugent here...say i wanted to ask u about HDD and SSD...i got a ssd card from gpuShack..a ethOS 16gb SSD - Kingston 30GB ssdNOW V series to going to start with Western Digital Caviar Blue 320 GB Bulk/OEM Hard Drive 3.5 Inch, 8 MB Cache, 7200 RPM SATA II WD3200AAJS...and put in a windows 8 download for my OP system on my open air rig motherboard thats a Asus 970 pro gaming Aura..the Q is after i do all that do i just plug in the ssd and start says its pre-loaded with ethos...also should i ues super nova or Claymore ???...thanks for all the Help !

FaVero: Hey i keep getting this error: and ive checked everything in the batch file and its setup correctly. PLZ help

venom korp: Any profit calculator

Narek Sargsyan: in which pool you mine ether ?

IchSkill FullTroll: Is it profitable ?
is there any calculator ?

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