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CreeperTron2910: I cant get on the server ):<

GDX Gaming 404: Voizion's Guard Alpha

Carly M: but its pretty fun!!!

Carly M: But disscoonects after a wile D:

Carly M: That must suck that it lags and disconnects its not laggy fore me

Carly M: My arras name is dan

Carly M: Its a fun private server

Carly M: Bye the love ur vids and private server!!!

Carly M: D:< voizion commet this to however made arras io beta for ME!!!!!!!! tell em to make it work

NIKE proNIKE: how to go?

Carly M: imma play dah private server

Lol: Reduce number of shapes to fix lag

Redchicken1234: B A N D I C A M

GGSuper Gaming: 2 things. 1.12th like im 2.i cant stop lagging and keep dissconecting. :(

Steven Broderick: That first tank is wayyyyy too op

Storm Аrtёm: This server is so bad! Every time it lags and It disconect me every minute!

Mushtaq Khan: 1st like