Brad Bissonnette: can you help me please ! I need to program the original GA935WJSA sharp elite remote to it's original TV and I'm going nuts trying to find any information on it.

Canadian boi Edwin: Simple thing like that and I can do it! A book landed on my remote erased the sharp aquos code. It not working. Did hard drive erase, took batteries out, hold down every single button for 4 sec put batteries back in. Did what you said nothing! Program every sharp code 01-18 nothing. Now I stuck watching an Android box

Harb sarao: Hi,my sharp tv model is LC - 43N7000U,,,,it has sound when we attached with my headset,,, but no sound without headset... its fourteen months old,,,,, please let me know,,,if you have any suggestions... your videos very knowledgeable...

Shawn Socha: How do you program remote for the 55 in. 4k smart TV?

Zie Lianna: Tq 4 info

VIDEO TUBE: thanks for libyan

Chandra Loar: I recently purchased a TV, floor model, I was given the remote today, but it isn't connected automatically. how do I connect it?

Nicoleta Cougentakis: how do you know which code to use?

Any Seven: I broke the Sharp GA935WJSA, which is no longer available, and bought a GB105WJSA/GB005WJSA online (which is sold as comparable). How can I program the new remote to work with my Sharp TV? Thanks p.s. neither remote has a "manual" button.


Letty Cha: From ASIA Awful video

Dani Varz: Hi, I just bought the BOSE CINEMATE II. I cannot program the sharp remote with bose.  Who succeed to control the Bose sound with SHARP remove control?

Steve Wigdor: I have multiple sharp LC-70EQ10u TV's on one wall and they each came with the GB118WJSA remote.  Does anyone know how to pair one tv with one remote?  I hate when I turn one tv on they all go on (or they all go to Netflix.  help please

Dan B: For LC-80le650u Led TV with GB118WJSA remote  --> use  device button and manual button instead of device and display.

Jacezx3: Where did you get your entertainment center?

David Franks: Hi, I realize you don't know all of the products but I'm hoping you might be able to help me out. I just purchased a Sharp Aquos LC60SQ15U 60" tv with the GB118WJSA remote control. According to the manual the procedure for presetting the remote control for another device is how you describe it here. But it does not work for me. I press the device button and the Display button at the same time but when I enter the code the tv just changes to the channel of the code I just entered. Its like its not going into programming mode. Any help is appreciated.

Clare De Jesus: How to go back on channel list if I select the media?.........pls help

hanna mosad: steeeeeeeeeeeeeve

Sergio: It won't respond to the menu button either

Sergio: Tampatec I really need help. When I press the 'display' button, it says VCR. I'm trying to change that to 'explorer' so I can use the apps. But what do I need to press? I've used Netflix on the tv before but I kept pressing 'return' and it ended up changing the display to VCR. Now, the TV only responds to SOME buttons. Please help