New Android Auto Hack | Access All Phone Apps & Mirror Your Full Phone while Driving | 100% Working

Warning: This video demonstrates, how to achieve the full Phone Mirroring in Android Auto. This can be positively used to play your favorite Music App or favorite Maps Application (like Sygic or NaviMaps etc.) on your In Car Screen. Using this technique to watch videos while driving may be hazardous. Road Safety is the Prime Responsibility of the Driver and it is advisable that he should not operate or watch videos while driving. Note: 28/11/2018 UPDATED LINKS. Link to the latest apk updated below. Working with latest Android Auto and latest Google Play services. Welcome to Nitant Vlogs, This video is about a technique or a hack in Android Auto by which you can get the access to all features of your Phone screen in your In Vehicle Infotainment system. By using this method you can access to youtube, internal or external memory of the phone, gallery and any other app available on your phone including even camera app. You can play video while driving and without any hardware change in the car. If your car supports android auto and you have an android device, thats all you need. The response is very quick and flawless and works like a charm. The only downside is that you need to root your Phone in order to achieve this. And you should understand the risks of Rooting your smartphone like your Phone's warranty is void after rooting and you should be careful before trying new root enabled apps in your phone. So if you are new to root your phone you should take the help from someone or you should study about the Rooting your device and follow the trustworthy sites like XDA Devolopers. To know about Rooting your Phone, a complete guide is available at: Once your phone is rooted you need to download these two apk's given in the description below: 1. AA Mirror (Works Perfect) Download Link: 2. AA Unlock (IF NOT WORKING USE AAutoAppEnabler_v1.1.apk, Download Link: This contains new versions with improved features and support. Tested Successfully on: The latest Android Auto V3.7.584044-release Lateset Google Play Services V 14.5.74 Latest Google Play Sore V 12.5.15 If not working please follow these steps: 1. Clear Google play store and Google Play services data. 2. Clear AA data. 3. setup AA again with developer options all settings mentioned in video 4. Android auto-left menu -about -right menu -developer setting -application model- release 5. Install(if not installed): AA_Mirror.apk Download Link: 6. Install AAutoAppEnabler_v1.1.apk, Download Link: 7. Open the app, click "Read apps". Grant Root access. Check the app aa_mirror from the list. 8. Click "Unlock" 9. Click "Apply". wait for a few seconds. 10. Reboot Phone. 11. Enjoy aa_mirror on Android Auto Screen Hope you enjoy this video and drive safe. :) Disclaimer: The content shown in this video is sourced from the XDA developers website. This should be used as a feature of your phone and in vehicle device. The road safety is the key responsibility of the driver and Nitant Vlogs will not be responsible for any miss-happening or damage related to road safety and also to the Phone and infotainment system. Check out a few products you might like for your car: 1.Android (1GB, 16GB)- 10 inch HD Display with Inbuilt GPS Navigation System & Screen Mirroring with Rear View Camera 2. Car Air Outlet Vent Internal Cleaner Dust Cleaning Brush: 3. Car Wheel Tire Rim Scrub Brush 4. Auto Specialty Shampoo 5. Car Auto Seat Back Multi Pocket Storage Bag Organizer Holder Hanger Accessory 6. Car Inflatable Mattress Air Bed 7. Portable Tyre Inflator 8. Tubeless Tyre Puncture Plug Repair Kit for Car 9. Microfiber Leather Car Steering Wheel Cover 10. Car Door Guard 11. Home Cube Multipurpose Microfibre Wash and Dry Cleaning Sponge: 12. Car Sticker Graphic Decals Orange Streak Styling Accessories 5pcs 13. Bumper Edge Paint Protection Kit For All Cars 14. Red Carbon Fiber Vinyl Car Wrap Sheet Roll Film Sticker Decal 15. Tom Martin UV-400 Protected Sunglasses Night Driving Glasses -Hector - Sports Wrap- Matte Black


Nathan Bennett: Great video! I did struggle with downloading apk mirror and unlock. To do it on my phone i had to find the links elsewhere. Once i found the links i pressed desktop version and then it let me download both apps. Once they were downloaded it took minutes. i have google pixel 2 running android 9 pie and everything works fine. Thanks for the video, very helpful.

franky toste: Got it all set up but audio doesn't play off car system it just plays audio off phone ?? Help please

Arun Sharma: Hey Nitant, thank you for the hack but unfortunately it is not working on Oneplus 5T having following version:
Play store: 12.8.23
Google play services: 14.7.99
Android Auto: 3.8.584564-release
Android: 8.1.0

Does your hack needs update?

Tharaka Kothalawala: Does it work with non-android players like KW?

GK : MoBiLe & GaDgEtS: Your car name is Vitara brezaa by Maruti Suzuki I remember it 😂😁

tony currie: AA unlocked pressed and it says.. Root not avalible.
Please help

Vikram Raj: Can some one let me know how to unlock from AA unlock app.. When I am trying to unlock it is giving msg like "Root not available". What can I do now..

Dustin Graham: Anyone try this with Uber?

AASHISH VATS: hey nitant 2 weeks ago i asked that i have a S6 Edge and I want to mirror my phone on Toyota 2018 XLE does it work on it

Manjinder Singh: I have ford endeavour with sync 2 can we do mirror ?

Prakash Bisht: Dear I have downloaded both of file still am not able to root my phone can you please suggest me ..

Emil Milanov: Thank you so much I'm having a little bit of trouble though when I download the second file when I hit unlock it says root not available. Any suggestions what I should do?

Bhanu Negi: how to root Redmi 4?

Karthik Ponnuswamy: Hi brother may i know please its work with Volkswagen Ameo 2017? (RCD 330)

Ευθύμιος Τσουκαλάς: Really great video. I followed all the steps very carefully , but unfortunately I have a problem. I have a Samsung S8 plus and a Peugeot 3008. I connect the Android auto on the car , then I press the last button , but I am not getting the message on my phone to access permissions to aamirror and I cannot use the Magisk manager apk to grant full access because the aamirror apk is not shown in the list. Do you have any idea on how I could solve the problem?

nishad ahmed: Plzz help me to upgrade my Huawei nova 3e

MIXI 11: please solution for samsung A3 2017 for mirroring to suzuki vitara, thank you!

Haneet Rana: Hello Nitant,
Is there any other way of doing the same. As i am not able to root my Redmi Note 5 Pro.
Error Message is: Root Not Available.

Marcin Wolski: galaxy s7. can't control the phone via touchscreen :( everything else works fine

Herman: Hey! Thanks for this great video. I followed all the steps but when I press the button on the bottom right it returns me to the Honda home screen as it did before. Any ideas how to fix? Using pixel 2 with latest of all softwares with 2018 Honda Accord