How to Fix Saeco StarBucks Sirena Coffee Machine | Part 1 of 2

Saeco Starbucks Sirena Coffee Machine Repair Saeco Sirena Coffee Machine Fix Saeco Sirena Part 1 of 2. The Guru explains the difference between the two types of Portafilters used in Saeco Sirena coffee machine. Also, demonstrates: 1. disassembly, 2. removing and installing pannarello frother, 3. replace pump, 4. replace water level sensor 5. useful maintenance tips Click the link below to purchase Original Sirena Portafilter with Coffee Emulsion Black Rubber Disc: Click the link below to purchase New Style Sirena Portafilter with 2 Cup Pressurized Filter Basket: Click the link below to review Saeco Sirena exploded parts diagram: We repair Saeco Sirena espresso machines and sell OEM replacement parts. Click the link below to review the entire selection of Saeco Sirena espresso machine parts: For technical questions and parts inquiries, please email to


Ашот Гогавич: Absolutely LOVE it!>>> We use it daily and are consistently happy with this machine. He had previously owned a Saeco Vienna Plus (no longer on the market) and we weren't sure if this would measure up... it does! My only complaint would be that the water reservoir is small, so you have to refill that frequently. The machine is easy to use and easy to clean/maintain.

bjbrown: Parts Guru, have you created Part 2 of this video on disassembling the Saeco Sirena yet?  I'm needing to see how to take the boiler apart.  Also, I need the plastic washer at the head of the steam pipe assy where the ball on the end of the pipe connects to the housing in the machine (mine was inadvertently crushed).  Could you sell that washer/spacer separately?  It's #28 on the parts diagram.  Lastly, the links to the exploded view diagram for this machine is broken on your website.

Barry Pizzuti: This video was very helpful and informative, especially the info regarding the discontinued portafilter gasket.. I am looking at tuning up my machine and one long term issue was a thermostat on the face of the machine that doesn't register. The machine works fine since I let it warm up. My question is how do I fix this and what part(s) do I need?

Micheal Magri: Hi Michelle Foster. I did end up finding help for my machine. This is what was suggested, albeit I was skeptical at first, this did solve my problems. My Sirena works like a charm now. Apparently, if the machine is not used for extended periods of time, you can experience hydro-lock with some of the mechanisms. You have to siphon the higher pressurized air/water from the frothing tube. This will allow the pump to start working again. Kinda like siphoning gas but in this case, it's only old water. Just siphon or suck the frothing tube-took a few attempts but the water began to flow. Once it began to flow, the pressure was equalized and the machines pump began to work. I then de-scaled it and brewed several shots of hot water before making my first cups. Don't give up as it takes a good bit of siphoning. Good luck.

Melissa Trimpey: We took the top off to see why the steam knob was just spinning.  We can see the reason as the magnet thing just falls down and doesn't hold as per matute11's questions below.   Is there directions on how to fix this problem?  Also, we plugged it in with the lid off so we could just look to see if it will steam if it is in place but now the power won't turn on.  Does it not turn on if the lid is off?

Micheal Magri: Hi Guru. I recently acquired a Sirena and started it up to descale it. It heated up then started to flash rapidly all buttons except the power button including the blue water button. Can u make a recommendation as to which part I need to replace? If so, how to descale once it is fixed to keep from happening again assuming the issue is from the build up. Thanks.

Jesse Chao: Thank you! Your video helped me save my Sirena machine!

Roger Herrera: I need to replace the two thermostats on the boilers. Is this easy to do?

Joey Ceppaglia: i turn my machine on, and the power button and the blue light are steady on and the machine doesn't warm up? any suggestions

Anon Ymous: Can you recommend where to buy a new portafilter please?

Terri Brubaker: My steamer is not creating enough steam to get the milk hot what do i do

matute11: Hi!  I have purchased the second basket and it quit working most likely due to blockage. I have tried and tried to clean it out to no avail. It runs water thru but no espresso.  Any ideas? Plus my frother pump wont work anymore. I hope this vid tells how to get to that. I have another old Sirena frother pump I hope to replace the bad one with. Thanks

Tom May: Yeah, where is part 2?  

ifoxful: having a hard time finding part 2 :)

A & L Appliances: Excellent video, well explained.

Chad Stephens: Good thorough video.  Looking forward to a part 2.

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