SwapToken! Что сейчас делать?

SwapToken! Что сейчас делать? В видео ответ что делать с Tокеn сейчас. Я рекомендую продавать Токеn поскольку его цена может снизится в связи с отсутствием вывода монеты с биржи. Цена может опустится до 0.00000040-50 $. Необходимо быть к этому готовым! In the video, the answer is what to do with the token now. I recommend selling the token because its price may decrease due to the lack of withdrawal of the coin from the stock exchange. The price may drop to 0.00000040-50 $. It is necessary to be ready for it! Сообщество Криптоменеджер: http://Anatoliy.cryptomanager.tech https://www.coinexchange.io/?r=5c4960fc


Johnny Long Doan: After the now completed, successful pre-sale we have reached almost 150 million SWTC (Sold + 20% Bonus, except for last stage + Bounties issued). There was one person to whom the SWTC transfer was left out. Completed it today. 149.98 is the total SWTC in circulation as of now! So we have kept our word of keeping the total number of coins below 150 million during pre-sale. Thanks to the tremendous support of all investors and the tireless efforts of several members of the D&M team and others too. I appreciate everyone for their hard work!

There were some mails to me from some members saying some investors had pointed out that there were too many SWTC tokens created during the initial stage on the WAVES Platform in my WAVES WALLET, as seen in the Waves Explorer. It was done with the idea of giving a 1:1 conversion during the early stages up to a value of 5 billion initially, but then we changed to 1 USD for 10000 SWTC and maintained it till the end. There is nothing hidden in or project and there never will be. I had also created the huge number of tokens in the ERC20 Rosten Testnet Network on the ETH platform before we abandoned it for the WAVES Platform. Unused additional SWTC and SWT1 tokens created during the have been put aside.

Since we need some bounties to be given out to various members who have been doing excellent work in promoting our project across the world, doing translation work, doing excellent design work of Logos, header images etc., we will be retaining some SWTC for Bounties. During our pre-sale there were several inquiries for bulk purchases of SWTC. Going forward seeing our progress there may be further such inquiries.

We are retaining some SWTC for some such private placements with a minimum offer for such placements being 3 times the price of pre-sale. Whenever we get some good investments at better price part of the amount will be used to give buy back offer for existing coin holders at a better price than which they have bought during the pre-sale. If there is an offer it will be announced well in advance. Coins bought back during the buy back might be burnt to maintain coin volumes and get price advantage.

As mentioned in a previous post, this project has got sufficient funds to go forward as of now. What ever additional funds required during some stage in the project, any time in the future, will be brought in by me. The project will go ahead as per schedule and is sure to succeed! There is no looking back!

20 Bounties of 50000 SWTC each are announced now. The first few will go out to members who have already translated the White Paper to Italian, Russian and Korean. We need to develop our Reddit threads as required by HitBTC as a pre-requisite for listing. So please post there and send screenshots to me for bounties. Cheers Every One!

viktor rus: swap-token.com не работает

viktor rus: спасибо за ответ SwapToken еще обвалилась и продолжает падение поэтому не вижу смысла её покупать даже на низах так как ни чего уже не изменится а вот биткоин поднимется в цене до 39000 ну или на 400%


Galezard Okeavely: Я так и не нашел кошелек этой валюты... то с вирусом то не распаковывается
где этот кошелек не понятно...