Great Guide Plastic Models - How to paint cockpit

part1 - How to paint cockpit - part2 - Self-made improvements - part3 - How to Use Washes Oil part4 - Riveting and Rescribing Panel Lines - part5 - Weathering using aquarelle crayons - part6 - How to paint and create stencils RAF roundels - part7 - Airbrush tutorial, tips for better airbrushing - part8 - How to paint inline engine - part9 - Resin accessories - My web: David Damek Music: Gregoire Lourme - Impossible Rescue Gregoire Lourme - Insomnia Gregoire Lourme - Exoplanet Gregoire Lourme - My Home, My Family


Semechk i: The main thing you need in making model kits: bunch of money.

Laurent Charmes: Simply superb ! Thanks for the great tutorial

Gwaredd Thomas: Outstanding!!

Jan Machdal: Drajling :D

Peter Wareham: Fantastic detail and skill Bravo!

brian yaudas: Bejesus! I've been doing model aircraft off and on since I was 8 yo, ( 50 next year ) and thought I was pretty damn good, even won a couple of competitions at some local hobby shops. After watching this guy, I realize my amateur days are far from over. That is some amazing work!

wyster 1: bed english

Rob C: Awesome stuff

JayRad: wow. absolutely stunning work. your level of effect and detail and at such a small scale! unbelievable. such beautiful work. thank you for sharing.

Lyn Cunningham: Excellent tutorial and beautiful work. Thanks for the video.

Tomas K: Are u kidding me! Tought u was teaching me how to put a plane togheter here ....... i can't do that painting....... nobody can

Daniel Van Dusen: I would have thought painting would be best done before gluing because of better acces, easier to hold, etc..

Why do people do it after assembly?

jayrough: What kind of sprayer are you using?

BaddaBigBoom: Subscribed :-)

BaddaBigBoom: Máte velké dovednosti. Je to velmi inspirativní.

BaddaBigBoom: Děkujeme, je to velmi informativní a užitečné.

MusabAndFriends: Hi! Thanks for the video. Where do you get the photo-etched parts rudder pedals for this model?

Big Steve: Super cool work, great attention to detail... can't wait to see more

supermike2000: Excellent tutorial, thank you very much. WW2 fighters didn't have pillows, the pilot sat on his parachute which was strapped to him. hth

XFIGHT3R: Nice job! What is that clay that you use to hold small parts for painting?