How to make biltong


James 89: I smiled the whole way through that vid!! Now I’m off to steal my kids plastic tub 😂😂

ellbug89: This is the best recipe. Biltong is so good! never going back to jerkey!

Tugboat: Very interesting video I've heard of it but I've never seen it before. I always thought the steak would have been paper thin to start with. Cheers

Cobus Huisamen: Nou mis ek Bindelanders en Biltong, ai man maak ook nou vir my in Scotland

David Raethel: Thank you Sir! Beautiful video. Im in New Zealand and have what some might call an addiction to biltong and this video has given me the ability and knowledge to try and make my own :) I cant wait to try!

Stein Erik Booysen Ulekleiv: Possible stupid question, but is the computer fan pushing or pulling?

out and about: Very entertaining video. Many thanks from Australia. Just started making my own.

Vanessa Black: I love this guy

Klaus Schröter: And once more someone make Biltong wrong. Biltong is made out of cow meat and the meat must be cut with the meat fibers and you do a cross cut. Furthermore, the layer of tendons must be removed. Thumb down!!!

Wake up America: Show us how to make the container

MedSchoolGear: I'm an American that used to live in Pretoria, and I would eat around 200 Rand of biltong a week. I loved the stuff.

It's been 4 years, and I haven't tasted its glory since. I'm making my own box today. Thank you.

Dave deCaen: Legend , love ya work 😁😁😉

Harry Belafonte: I've made my own, by following your instructions and it tastes great. Heel erg lekker (I'm Dutch). Another question for you, what music do you use in your video? Would be nice to have this playing in the background while eating my biltong ;)

B B: Background song name?

Honest Abe: I will be giving this a go soon, thanks for the video

Coen Mulder: I am from Holland. As a very young boy, around 12 or 13 years old, I bought Biltong at the local toko. I had never heard of it and loved it, even though it wasn't freshly made with fresh spices. Still, I loved the structure and I liked eating it instead of lunch when I was in the woods for a day or so. Nobody else here ever mentions it or knows what it is. I haven't had any since 1985 or so. I couldn't find it anymore and forgot about it.
The toko's here might sell it now, but I think they all reverted to beef jerkey. It never occurred to me to make my own until now. I have a couple of computer fans lying around that are going to be put to work again!

Peter Warren: Hi love your work could you tell me the method you connected your fan

Praise murambiwa: He’s Afrikaans accent is thick

Matthew Hamilton: Mate, you're a riot! Come over to the States and I'll take you out for a brew.

Mercedes tech and more: Howzit, was looking on how to make it. Seen several videos, but when I saw your name, I knew this video would be the right one and the original. Lekker.

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