H6607 Hawk Bluetooth Modular Motorcycle Helmet at LeatherUp.com

Hawk H-6607 Glossy Black Dual-Visor Modular Motorcycle Helmet with Bluetooth http://leatherup.com/p/Modular-Helmets/Hawk-H-6607-Glossy-Black-Dual-Visor-Modular-Motorcycle-Helmet-with-Bluetooth/146572.html This Hawk modular motorcycle helmet gives you the best of both - open-face and full-face style. It also features a dual visor system: a main anti-scratch visor and a retractable smoked sun visor to protect your eyes from the sun and keep you safe when riding with an open face. The built-in Bluetooth system allows you to communicate with other riders, to use your cell-phone, and to listen to streaming music and GPS directions. The package includes a helmet, a Hawk-helmets manual, a Bluetooth manual, a Bluetooth battery, and a Bluetooth charger. Item Details: -ABS Thermoplastic shell -One button, one-hand flip-up sytem converts helmet from full-face to open-face -Glove-friendly and waterproof controls -Quick-release, anti-scratch visor -Interior retractable drop-down smoke tint sun-visor ( drop-down button located on left side of helmet) -Flow-through ventilation system -Inner lining: removable and washable -Chin strap with quick-release closure and strap keeper. -DOT-approved (non-removable graphics on the back) -Hawk graphics on the front and back -Blinc Bluetooth® Integrated Communication technology: -Cell phone compatible (Iphone compatible) -Compatible with many GPS units -Interference free communications -Lithium-Ion replaceable battery -Battery life: 4 hours continuous talk time and 100 hours standby -Complete recharge of battery - 6 hours -Noise cancelling mic -Full duplex communications with DSP filter -Self adjusting volume -Waterproof controls -30 feet of intercom and communications distance -Music streaming -Glove friendly controls -Multifunction LED indicators -110V/220V charger -Blinc Bluetooth Module System: -Talk rider to passenger (Intercom) -Talk bike to bike (2-way communications) -Use your cellphone -Listen to streaming music from MP3 and phone -Listen to GPS directions -One-touch cell phone/intercom override -Automatic phone/mp3 override -Listen to XM radio through phone Follow us on: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LeatherUp Google+ https://plus.google.com/+leatherup Twitter: https://twitter.com/leatherupcom


John Keller: Great helmet, if you can still find one, buy it! As far as the speaker placements, just push the earpieces up when you strap on...no need to tear anything apart

Invencible425: Does anyone know if you have to buy the microphone separately?

Jordan Granados: I have this helmet. Works wonderfully. Bluetooth call quality is superb. Have not tested the call quality on the interstate but could hear and he heard well at/below 55mph.

jesusyhg: how can u remove/replace the battery??

Greg Struve: I have had this helmet for a few years and as a helmet, it is fine; as a Bluetooth helmet, it does not work as shipped. I could never hear anyone that called even at 30mph. (I have stock pipes.)Volume all the way up. It was useless. I found out why I couldn't hear anyone.The speakers are in the chin strap. That places them on my lower mandible. No wonder I couldn't hear. What a terrible design. Rip it apart and position the speakers in the open space next to your ears, and you can hear!

mistadj: Can you hear in both ears or is it single?

BolsaDePiojo: WoooOooOoo