Wei Jiang COMMANDER (KO Oversized Evasion Mode Optimus Prime): EmGo's Transformers Reviews N' Stuff

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Ramsayboy 00: Transform that back

naing tha khin1: Emgo you look difderent and sound strange when i sub you at 2015 now s 2019

Imran Becks: Are you gonna do a JTI video of this?

Rebeca Targas: wtf

Jedi Julian: i m fan of transformers

Vincent Blase: But It is huge

Vincent Blase: the robot mode color is very different from vehicle mode looks like g1 truck

Samoa Monroe: I just bought this version of optimus thanks to your review

clark kent: Very nice and good review.

Brandon Huang: R.I.P wallet!

Savatron: Since when are Knock off toys way better than originals...

653cc bRAT: I saw some replacement shoulder ratchet pieces on eBay. Could this be a part that fixes that stiffness? Thanks for the vid.

Vinyl scratch: Link to the figure

JustLance: Someone repaint this just like the movie.

gcdzs99: I wished you compared him with KO Oversized DOTM Megatron

Cyberwyld: Emgo, my friend, I think you should review mb-20 nemesis prime or caliber optimus prime, you'll see how much better that mold is then armor knight.

ThePocamaster: Is this Optimus Prime a better quality one than ROTF leaderclass Optimus Prime?

Diet Soda: I just love the skit at the end of this video.

Suren Jedi: This should have been the design for him in the Bumblebee movie because at least it would have been consistent with how Bumblebee looked going from the G1 alt mode to the movie robot mode and the fact that it's more consistent with the continuity.

AlihsanJr: "i like cheap knockoffs"