Ford Fiesta Zetec S 1.0 Ecoboost Black Edition POV GoPro Hero 4 HD (Bluefin Superchips Remap)

Ford Fiesta Zetec S 1.0 Ecoboost Black Edition POV GoPro Hero 4 HD Audio was not good so i put a music over it, I'v also got the bluefin Superchips Remap installed which puts the BHP from 140 to 175. Enjoy


Will Jessett: 0:24 Someone doesn’t know how roundabouts work 😂

William Tooley: Thinking of getting this remap for my Black edition but a little worried about the engine being able to cope...hows yours doing and have you noticed any changes in mpg?

Simon Haley: Why put that shite music over the top?

Cookie Boy89: The turbo lag is horrible.

Frosty Fez: Nice video man :) I didn't know you made videos too!

Tom Jardine: Whats this engine like on petrol consumption?

Alma Rakovic: lo

Harry Udell: Are you running stock hardware or using upgraded intercooler etc?

Duarte Guerra: I have a Scorpion cat back exhaust and I'm planning to mount an Airtec Stage 2 intercoooler before remapping it, and I'm only pointing to 165 hp/250 Nm. The gearbox is a very limiting factor in our cars and that's why I will not push it more that that. Are yours completely stock with that power? What torque numbers did you get? (Carefull, you could kill your gearbox. I've seen in on the Fiestas Facebook group page).
Cheers :)

Modified Machines: odd way to go round a mini roundabout!

iGSL: Have you recorded the 0-60 with this?

drivelinetime: This near Woking, seem to remember the area..?

A K: Hi, i have the same car and was wondering how much of a difference did you notice? And where is most of the power gain found interms of RPM? Thanks.

Valkenier: Watching this is so confusing hahaha everything is mirrored trafic wise

capitan america: te amo mi amor mi novio mi todl

capitan america: genial