Mad Max: Fury Road official trailer song / Junkie XL Wild World ( Cat Stevens cover) Both Songs

Mad Max: Fury Road 2015 official trailer song Both Songs Combined First song Junkie XL Wild World ( Cat Stevens cover) Second song Ninja Tracks (Sovereign: Gears) – The Module Mad Max: Fury Road 2015 official trailer music Mad Max: Fury Road 2015 official trailer soundtrack Безумный Макс: Дорога ярости музыка из трейлера


Ian Worley: "Here they come again"


Chiara Romano: Epic

David Curry: What's your name?

Foxy the Pirate: Ohhh, babyy.

Praxis Visuals: Thank you!

Commander Wolffe: Not bad to listen to while I'm playing the game of Mad Max.

Rose Evans: when u play junkrat

Scrub Lord: 1:08 i heard a gta v death sound effect there :P

Jon-Adrian: V8! V8! V8!

Geosten Undredd: The song just screams get ready

Escalathor _: taking the trailer's audio doesn't help us in any way, dumb ass

monster x: Make it shiny and chrome

Chrono Mike XRP: "Here they come...........again.................." 

Waits for Ohhhhhh baby its a wild world............

Nothing happens

Upset for 1 second

Rest of the movie is insane

Leaves cinema and heads for the Wasteland in awe

TheZzZzZzZzZzA: The first song is NOT by Junkie XL!
It's by Confidential Music and called Shepherd (Wild World Intro)!

Tom Grosset: I realize this isn't your average YouTube comment but I have a passion for adding drums to movie soundtracks and I'm very excited to finally share my drum remix of the Mad Max: Fury Road soundtrack. Please watch:

fan 100: epico

Osmund Ferreira: this seems more the soundtrack of "Dredd"

Rascal James: fallout 4

Alex Gonzalez: If only they released a real cover :(