Audi A6 A4 A3 Q5 3.2L FSI Upper Timing Chain Tensioners Replacement DIY by Edge Motors PLEASE LIKE AND SHARE THIS VIDEO!!!! In this video we show you how to replace the upper timing chain tensioners on a 3.2L FSI motor. due to failure of plastic guides on the chain tensioners you may get allot of engine damage... so if you hear rattling noise coming from the top of your motor, and or your check engine light is on with timing related codes, address this issue ASAP!!! Edge Motors is not responsible for any damage done by flowing this video. follow at your own risk. Edge Motors 107 E Railroad ave West Haverstraw NY 10993 (845)269-3846


David L: im about to buy a 170,000km 2006 Audi A4 Quattro, what should i be looking for when i go check it out? Thanks in advance.

Scott Rogerson: Question: I am seeing a lot of A3-4-6 videos of the 3.2 timing chains. But what about the 2010 A5 3.2. Does this issue still apply or is the A5's 3.2 different in the respect of "better built"

Mets Garage: I have this same car and it just randomly not always stared rattling on cold start up its coming from bank 1 cam chain cover when it rattles the longes it did it for like 3-5 mins at idle than it goes away and runs fine would you say the tensioner is going bad or is bad or does it just not get oil in the beginning? and i changed the oil and filter and it did once again i was hoping that clean oil might fix the problem but i guess not thanks

Pontus Hårdén: Do you change the cam sprocket bolts for new ones also?

TraXeZ Quic: Hi! I have the same problem with my a6 3.2 fsi. But all my tensioners looks fine, so I think my chain is streched. Is it possible to changs the chain whitout pulling out the engine? Thank you for the great videos and sorry for my english :)

Tim Baker: hey so i got my cam locking bars on but i cannot get thte crankshaft pin to go in, which cylinder is TDC when the manual refers to TDC the only thing i can guess is i have it 180 degrees out of tdc, the timing measuring blocks onthe ecu indicated the timing is dead on but perhaps the sensor is bad and it did jump a gear, but the tensioners look fine so idk. i guess what i'm wondering is, should i release the timing chain, and cams, then get the crankshaft pinto go in and then it should be in correct time? obviously first i'll figure out if its just 180 degrees off but it seems like cylinder 3 is tdc right now.

misael pacheco: What was the problem?

Tim Baker: Hey what is the tool you're using to hold the gear while loosing the bolt? And do I have to use the pulley locking pin if my cam locking tools line right up?

Matthias Schröder: Das beste Video um Audi blank zu machen, Audiservicecenter says you must an new engine

Tim Baker: So if I have oil in my spark plug wells and it's the gasket under the cam assembly what looks like a cover is actually the whole assembly... so I'd have to remove all of that just to fix a gasket? Wtf

Ajaxaxxess: Just tensioners or can i do all 4 chains and tensioners without motor pull?

89 Allchevy: Can u do a video on rocker arms and litters? Same Audi a6.

Vikturus22: how often should these be changed.

JohnnyIvan5: what's the price for this work?

Rafael S: why is so loud after?

Will Gaines: This was very assuring to see that it's relatively easy to do it without having a shop drop the engine down and charge $2400. Is there any way you could tell me what kind of special tools I might need that the average home mechanic might not have? Also, I just want to do the driver side one. Is that referred to as the left or right tensioner? I'm not sure if they label it facing the towards or away from the car. Don't want to buy the wrong one.

gianna Abbey: When you turn the crankshaft, are you still in park or neutral, and can i leave the belt on? I bought a 3.2l C6 with a no start condition and found no oil. I just want to know that the engine is not seized before I keep working on this car. Please help.

eesaa579: Just did a spark plug tube gasket job on my audi a6 along with new tensioners. Thanks for the info in your vid and your advice. Made things alot easier. Only thing i did different was crank the motor with no spark to prime the tensioners... been almost a month with no issues.. again thanks

Bo Bengtsson: Thanks for this video! It is seldom you get such a detailed view of a complicated job!
Btw, would it be the same work method and space for a 3.0 TDI engine (in my case in an A6 4F, BMK engine)?

Namibia: I need a list of all the special tools

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