Barney's Schoolhouse Version 2.0 Mod

Barney's Schoolhouse Version 2.0 Mod Full Game & Ending Barney Is Baldi Baby Bop Is Playtime BJ Is The Principal Of The Thing Riff Is The Bully Tinky Winky Is Arts And Crafters Cookie Monster Is Gotta Sweep Dorothy The Dinosaur Is 1st Prize Credit To Mystman12 For The Original Baldis Basics Download The Original Game Here: Follow The Original Creator Of The Game On Twitter: Mod link: Thanks for watching! If you enjoyed, please Support Us - Like, Comment, Subscribe, Share! Subscribe Here:


3DS Games: Barney's voice is so funny and hilarious!!🤣

Jayden Gaming: The song is a nightmare ahhhhhhh

Eric Yeung: Barney slap like a giant

Eric Yeung: Bar


3DS Games: This one is the most funny

RicardoAndSonicComedian 2018: Make secret ending please!

james mckenney: I agree with DIY oof

derene portable showers indoor showers on utube: I agree sounds like Patrick

Dorthea McIntosh: "Ouch! My bones hurt! My hair! Tear

Candice Jones: Can you please do another video of this mod I want to see riff the bully Cookie Monster the gotta sweep and Tinky Winky the arts and craters in action along with a secret ending! Plz!!!!

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Luis Alfonso Navarrete Chavez: OMG tinky winky es el calcetín pen sé que iba ser el tipo de la detención

Gamerdude 87: Imagine if Barney had the godzilla scream instead of Baldi’s scream

T Lebron: No Hugging in the Halls!

Lonn Hun Quinto Kan: Elmo is in barney's office

Candice Jones: Can you do another video of this with the secret ending??? I wanna see riff the bully and tinky winky and cookie monster in action.

Mattie Mario: 10:56 what is he saying?

liamosdy oliveire silverd: 5:10 let plaaaaay...