Terraria 1.3.4 ULTIMATE ARMOR looks at the very best weapon and armor sets available from the Tavernkeep NPC! We check the Shinobi Infiltrator, Valhalla Knight, Red Riding Hood and Dark Artist stats, check their set bonuses and look at their ultimate weapon pairing! Subscribe for more! ★TERRARIA 1.3.4 UPDATE PLAYLIST★ http://tinyurl.com/ja78pf7 🍪 Subscribe to Happy: http://tinyurl.com/HappyDaysGames 🍪 Catch up on this series: http://tinyurl.com/ja78pf7 HappyCrew Daily Viewer Challenge Question: Which armor set will you get first? Which do you think is the strongest? 🍪 Cookie intro & outro by: Axius ★★★ Want to watch more Happy? ★★★ ● Terraria – Expert Mage: http://tinyurl.com/jrvs4gw ● Terraria – Expert Summoner: http://tinyurl.com/h7jbzsp ● Terraria – Expert Modded Archer – http://tinyurl.com/hofp5h4 ● Terraria - Top 5s and 10s: http://tinyurl.com/pkv3gl5 ♥ Twitter: www.twitter.com/HappyDaysGames ♥ Facebook: www.facebook.com/HappyDaysGames1 🍪 Music: ‘Music by Epidemic Sound (http://www.epidemicsound.com)’ 🍪 Happy's Steam Group: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/HappyDaysGaming ★★★ Email ★★★ 🍪 Business with Happy: happydaysgames (at) outlook (dot) com 🍪 Fan Art for Happy: happydaysfanart (at) outlook (dot) com Thanks for taking the time to check out this video! Stay Happy :) Like for 1 cookie! Comment for 2 cookies! Subscribe for 3 giant cookies!


Lori Adams: None on mobile of these 4

çetincan okadar: Pls give map

Thatcher: I got the tavernkeep but hes not selling any armour i alr defeated 2 armies

Spurdo [FIN]: Shinobi, valhalla.... For honor references :D

somewhat drawings: When you are not in old ones army can you use the summons infinitely?

Joe Hido: A Shinobi ...can i become a Hokage???

Damian van Dongen: B

Dr When: so how are these compared to other armors?

Proxaniss: Are those Armours and Weapons really stronger than the Lunar Event Armours?

Nathan Wilson: i have betsy wings and betsy blade

ENDER KNIGHT GAMEZ: hi happy days I've been watching for 10 month love the chanelle

Yeet: Why cant you just freaking upload?

ElijO: I mean, i like the asthetics on the new weapons, but the weapons are really terrible to be honest, i'd be better off with a terra blade (if we talk items before celestial events) and the influx waver, than that disguisting DARIUS sword ripoff called "flying dragon". And honestly, what a stupid name for a weapon. (not that meowmere is dumber, but F me).

ElijO: and once again. All the new summoning armors are terrible. They work well with other weapons i guess, but the summoning part is catastrophic. Summoning will never be equal to the 3 "Ace" Sets. NEVER.

Rune Wolf: i think we should start a new poll guys. get happy to do a series based around all 4 characters! it would be awesome

Ezaz Alavian: can u leave a world?

Koo Cherry: can you please do a map download

CactusToast: SHINOBI! :D

Bob J: Valhallan? Brawlhalla? Its a valkrie

X_ BLOCKETGAMER _X: OK so could someone tell me why all my characters are slowed (jumping, mining, walking) if u could tell me how to fix this that would be great. I really want to play the 1.3.4 update but it won't be fun if I can't do anything. Thanks!