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MeatyLock: Lots of stuff today :D. Links to what I talked about in the description!

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shaw miserix: It's not the Colossus nor is the Colossus that big it's probably about the size of King Kong probably the size of a hight of a Puertos shoulder this thing is a god

Luis Rivera: Scary size Lol OH look The•Isle once The Age Of Giant, Mega, Super, Behemoth, Titan and Colossal Monsters Lol

The Outside World: Moar Videos of The Isle!!!!

Kion's Place: that's the small one o.O

Centipeeves: Haven’t seen this game in a year...

JeffAM1986: Where are dev branch patch notes??

sadga sadg: What happened to The Isle gameplay?

loke griberg: ehm wut he f filmed him self taking a piss and usaved dat ????

Alexander Armstrong: What’s his opinion on iguanodon?

SlyTM: Hey meaty what isle music do you use in your videos? What is the track called?

Powerade Addictions: i remember on the old videos i said something about a carnivore and herbivore mixed group being called a hack or a perd and meaty said it in a video and i 2003891% melted

shimada no Katana genkei Genji: why does it cost thousands of dollars to make a new dinosaur? i mean you can just make it with the game engine? i'm confused.

Bumbo the Emoji Turtle: We are on the verge of cannibals, what would they eat? The humans that aren't implemented yet? Maybe they'll be more oriented for scavenging for now.

Bloodmoon Alpha: 1 DISLIKE lmao!

Happy compsognathus: yesss! sucho ❤

Neurotic Geek: I haven't seen IGP play The Isle before that video and the one before it, but once I got the notification for it I clicked so fast, I'm glad he's a part of The Isle community :P

Cosmic Ghost: guys looking at this Skelton Did something bigger kill it? 😰 Don't worry about it! 😁😄

Triceratops Horridus1021: Maybe the spinosaurus thing died because it got to big to hold its own weight

Triceratops Horridus1021: If they do add dragons than it shouldn’t breath fire because everything else would easily be destroyed