Hisense LED problems

Hisense 55k610gwn tv problem


muhammad shabir anjum awan: Hisense led tv 26 inch siand mi sarvis mino code plz hilp mi

Love You40: I’ve had my television for about 5 years now and this just started happening like last month!!!!! Like WTF!!!!!do not buy HISENSE!!!!!!!! Buyer beware! I reset the TV and this still happens where I have to unplug the television at least twice week!

Amanda Stoddard: I have this tv and it’s doing it to shit pisses me off

W B: Hisense is Chinese RIP of of lg. I bought one for the price and it has problems 3 months later good thing bouth the warranty for 3 years because everyone said it looks good but dont buy one without warranty. I'm going back to LG or samsum better quality after warranty expires.lol.

Chris Miller: Dude I have a h6 series hisense 50 inch for my xbox one x project scorpio and I get a green screen sometimes after TV has been off for the night I power it on green screen cant do anything with TV until I unplugg from power supply then it reboots like normal this happens a few times a month I bought this TV cause I had a 40 inch last me three years by these ppl

sophia eunice: That's your problem to it shows the logo but after wen i press netfix it dies qnd after 1 hour it doesn't open

Fiki: Lol

Rene Acosta: Yeah I have two of them and a 55" and 37" having the same problems and now doesn't want to connect to Wi-Fi it's just getting worse and worse I'm done with it too ,and I bought this one in 2014 at Walmart ,. I called the manufacturer thinking there was some kind of update that I got to do to it ,and they told me that it's got to be serviced,.

Robert Travis: These TV's are absolute junk, mine does the same thing, would not recommend Hisense to any one.

Tuna Hawk: Hi sense is non-sense.. a piece of crap... and software update "in the works" temp fix plug and unplug

oxstizzy: My hisense will boot me out of YouTube after about 10 minutes

hicham cameraman: chainees prouduct are terible bad quality cheap prix

Cora Bezemer: Yes, your sense of humor is priceless. Thank you so much for letting us viewers know about this problem. I was almost going to buy one. After reading the comments I definitely will not.

Steve Ford: I had the same issue. Just paid 50 bucks for a new main board, replaced it and everything is back to normal. Works perfect!!!

Luke Gipson: Got one 14 mos ago. Different model but similar issue. Have to plug and unplug for it to turn on. Have to unplug to turn off. Remote unresponsive, no sound and buttons in back are unresponsive. Gonna replace the main board as soon as i order it. Hopefully will solve the issue. I’ll follow up when I do.

Jashen: Same problem ....will not buy another one. Ask for help at Hisense support ....nothing happening. Don't buy Hisense

Sean Rhodes: Yeah Hisense smh mines the screen freezes and the remotes non responsive i have to unplug to get it to work...SMH...agree its a good looking 📺 but come on...i guess its a 2yr 📺

Elsie dela Cuesta: Guys, just trying to share our HORRIBLE experience with them|!! This is in Davao City, particularly in TORIL if anyone can relate and is located here.

We bought a new 40inch unit last Monday, 8th at GMALL Toril Branch. They don't offer any installation from the company therefore we have to install the unit by ourselves so, we did and afterwards,, we tried to turn it on, and it turned out that the SCREEN has a crack! (can you imagine our faces upon seeing roots steming out from the bottom center of the screen!!!)

The A/S team got a day delayed in coming to our house for a check! I called Manila for the complaint, and they said "IT'S NOT PART OF THE WARRANTY". Just as plain as that!!! They didn't even see the unit for themselves, and they didn't even know what to happened for it to arrive in this situation!! Right now, I am freakin pissed off with them. There's no resolution yet, as I am still waiting for the Manila office to call us (Which I doubt, nonetheless I will wait) today. It feels like throwing 16k PHP!!!

Just a a good piece of advice to all who wants to purchase a new one, NEVER BUY this kind of BRAND! Buy LG<> SAMSUNG<> SONY for a more secured unit and reliable services!!

That said, I've got my lesson learned!


Vova *******: Did you have it fixed?

cookie land: I am glad mine was free. I tossed it out after I abused it!!! Hate this product.

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