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Cardo Scala Rider Q1 Teamset Review The Cardo Q1 Teamset is the latest generation from Cardo that is designed for rider to passenger communications in full duplex. The new Q1 features a new option for music sharing over Bluetooth that allows both users to listen to the same music. The Bluetooth connection can also be used for rider to rider up to a 30 foot range. One of the most notable new features is the ability to swap to ear buds from the stock speakers using the provided 3.5mm jack. Cardo is known for its premium sound, and the Q1 Teamset uses the same platform as the upgraded models, such as the new Cardo Q3 and the G9. The Q1 dual pack has up to 10 hours of talk time and up to one week of standby. Up to 2 Bluetooth devices can be paired to the Q1 and one A2DP connection. For the riding team that wants a low profile communication unit that has premium sound, a simple install and easy to pair features.


Daniel Kan: The only problem I have had with this unit is the small wiring for the mic. Mine failed after 6 months. At the moment I'm trying to warranty it. Other than that it's a sweet bit of kit.

Josue Carmona: whit this work on a simpson helmet

Dulf Nordensvärd: The boom mic is really weirdly close to my mouth. Should I mount the extra mic instead? And the q1 doesnt work with the smartapp.

Meino: Will the q1 work bike to bike if the distance between them isn't too long?

karl-heinz hellmich: in Deutsch

nchris58: I was wondering if the rider and passenger can listen to different music while still maintaining communication?

ricardo ferreira: its possible to connect with iPhone 7 app?
im having problems with that
im in Portugal

Kameron Eichert [Student EHS]: Will this fit on a Kabuto RT-33 Helmet???

Dipak Patel: Is it waterproof or safe to wear in rain?

Sumo Life: Is there going to be any compability problems with other counties frequencies or any other compability issues?

Wolfgang Rembeck: is it compatibel with senas (20s)?

Yuraymar W. T. Stewart: Could I use this with a Shoei NXR?

Jonathan Metts: I have a sena smh5. Don't care about the talking and phone stuff, does it play music loud? like literally, how loud do these things get? louder or less loud than the sena smh5

Mariusz Wojtowicz: I used this set for couple of times and broken down. One of the radios wont switch on at all and I have series problem to have that fix as customer service wont answer my e-mails. So there is word of advice STAY AWAY FROM THIS CRAP !!!

grotekapel: Sounds great, but is it possible to talk & listen to music at the same time. How does it work?

gary fletcher: great video but do you have to use the Velcro with the mic.

MOTO filmadores UK: thanks for the video. thumbs Up 👍

MOTO filmadores UK: going to buy right now... im courier in London and im tired of buy new cheap bluetooth every 5 months. so hope this sove my problems out

Serdar Kalaycı: The only con of this device for me is it stores just one hot dial number. My previous set (it was an entry level sena) held up to three numbers, which was a good thing to be able to dial three different numbers. As a commuter, phone functionality is far more important for me than intercom features.

Evesath: Can't find any tech spec regarding my question, so maybe you know - how many BlueTooth devices (i.e. phones) can ONE of Q1 units handle?

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