Riskable Builds: Botania Mana-Generating Potato (Crop) Farm (Early and Easy!)

In this video I build the most early-game, efficient mana-generating potato (crop) farm ever! It's extremely low-resource and will generate loads of mana for all your Botania needs. All you need is Iron, Redstone, and a bit of Gold! Music featured in this video: "D34D 5P4C3 (VIP Mix)", Pseudomorph, Boondoggle, and Rhode Trip by Strong Suit: http://freemusicarchive.org/music/Strong_Suit/ Bit Bossa, Rainbow Ride, Popcorn Blast, and Eat My Chips by Azureflux: http://freemusicarchive.org/music/Azureflux/ "Create A Song in A Day Challenge #1" by RoccoW: https://freemusicarchive.org/music/RoccoW/ NTD4 by Skip: http://freemusicarchive.org/music/Skip/ "Skip Sandwich DX-Touch Fuzzy Get Dizzy" by Electric Children: http://freemusicarchive.org/music/Electric_Children/ 8-bit Love Machine by Gumbel: https://freemusicarchive.org/music/Gumbel/8-bit_Love_Machine/ Datahell Beta by Goto80: https://freemusicarchive.org/music/Goto80/


MerryThoughts: This build has a flaw. On the return trip while the cart goes over the "furnace-hopper hill", the carts momentum slows slightly. This slight slowing causes the dispensers after the first corner following the "furnace-hopper hill" to gain additional ticks from the hopper and gain extra potatoes. This means the cart stays in a perpetually low supply of potatoes and doesn't deposit them into the furnace. This eventually self-corrects when the dispensers and hoppers fill up to capacity allowing the cart to start gaining a surplus. Unfortunately, this means you either have to start off with a huge supply of potatoes; or operate at a mana loss (filling your mana pool from other sources) until the potatoes fill the dispensers/hoppers to capacity. The solution: Use two additional power rails. One directly across from the one already installed(one space after the hill) and another situated on the middle hopper on the side where you have five hoppers/dispensers in a row. This insures the carts constant speed and maintains a back-stock of one or less potatoes per dispenser.

Regardless of the minor flaws I pointed out, I would like to give kudos to Riskable for this build. The concept of the build was simple in design and elegant in execution. He's definitely got the mind of a mechanical engineer. :)

Solodam: if you overfarm potatoes, cart could get stuck on loading? (cart is full but there are items in chest)

Andrew Kahn: Hi! My red stone comparator stopped the whole process when my cart got full, how do I fix this?

Paul Murray: I use this setup https://imgur.com/gallery/56p2O to feed TNT to an entropynium only when that entropynium is empty. A similar and simpler setup would work for feeding potatoes to a gormarylis - it wouldn't need the pool overflow failsafe (because wasting potatoes is not as catastrophic as misplacing TNT), and it would use a dropper rather than a dispenser. You could run multiples of these if you use gormaryllis petite.

A larger setup would involve using the signal from the container chest to switch the rail tracks - potatoes get dropped off to the furnaces when the chest becomes more than half full. Alternatively, use a double chest to send half the potatoes to the farm, and half to the furnaces.

Jo Wilson: thanks for your efforts. however, i have 2 bits of feedback: you miscounted how many hoppers are needed; we're 1 short. also, changes to the gourmaryllis make this a net mana loss in 1.12

L. Artemesia Challenger: Tried this build again with 1.12 - and the fuel problem persists - even with a boost of three or four stacks of baked potatoes at the start, it just doesn't generate enough mana to self-sustain, and I found the gourmarillis and exoflame went dark after a matter of 10 or 15 minutes, real time

Yaron Esquivel Ventura: I do this whit the jewrlry craft and it produces many mana

Reg': Sadly it doesnt work anymore in 1.12 coz of this change : "The Gourmaryllis will now take diminishing returns if it eats the same type of food item multiple times in a row"
Gourmaryllis is not producing enough to keep up with agricarnation and exoflame so u basically losing mana now with that setup :/

L. Artemesia Challenger: Additional - At present, the Furnace still needs fuel to run, if I am using the mana pool to charge anything. I changed the Furnace to an Alloy Smelter from Ender IO, and powered it using a Wireless Energy Crystal from Draconic Evolution - no more need for fuel of any kind. (The Wireless is connected to a solar array, so it's never without power)

L. Artemesia Challenger: When I finished this with MerryThoughts' fix - I had to add fuel to the furnace for the first filling of it - there really wasn't enough mana generated before the baked potatoes were being made. In future, it's always best to lob some high-quality food at the Gourmaryllis, so the cycle is set properly. Once that was done - it was self-sustaining :)

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Maurice Le Roux: I find this very impressive and helpful to a Botania-noob like me. Thank you so much for your efforts of making and uploading this video!

melissa smith: my minecart wont return back to the hopper it stops at the end eventhoug the powered rail is on

Exo 594: If you've got some sort of autocrafter and Pam's Harvestcraft in this pack, you can very easily adapt this to using Toast, which will provide way more mana per item, due to mana being a function of hunger squared. Even better is if you have natura, which shortens the crafting chain to 1 craft (1 wheat > 1 flour), meaning you don't have to do Pam's crafting chain to get dough.

Kitsutilo: great tutorial, but are you sure that the redstone placed at 7:24 is nececary, as the block should be powerd by the redstone leading into it? gonna try it later

D.O.'s Channel: Dat lag

Hymikins: Awesome video! Can't wait to try this...

Delta Supreme: Early my ass, this took a ton of resources. That isn't to say that it wasn't useful; thanks for the tutorial.

Blastphomous: Is there a reason agricarnations would unbind from the mana pool on their own? Edit: Pertinent info I seemed to have left out is its on a server running MF3.

John Ratliff: This was awesome. Very nice job. I love stuff like this.