How to Fix: Zmodo DVR Keeps Rebooting

This video details how to repair a DVR that is rebooting over and over again.


kelli rider: Easy to use, very easy to set up>>>   Very happy with it.

SIX EIGHT: My CCTV cameras went blank with a question mark What can it be

Eddie Cruz: what up zmodo, did as video says and come to find out every time i connect to the internet it starts rebooting continuously. changed hard drive 2x, formatted, but only conntecting to the internet. any suggestions if any. thanks.

Eldon Beall: I just tried what he's explaining and didn't work.

shawn john: it work,thanks a lot !!!!! i thought it was some hardware problem

anonymous zara: why do we keep having this problem even after i did everything you show me?
is it because insufficient power?
or is it because of dvr?
we tried to send everything to let them fix couple of times,
we waste too much money already on this but non of them fixing it very well, please can someone help me what do i do?

Nigel Robinson: I had this very problem and it turned out to be a problem with the power/ac adapter - not the disk or anything else. Swapped the power supply and everything works a treat

Bentronics: This was a perfect fix for my Zmodo DVR. Instaed of unplugging the cameras you can just unplug the power cord to the cameras.

Sharmeen Jones: My box keeps rebooting precisely every 2 minutes, so the reformatting process is interrupted and never completes. Are there any other suggestions on how to make it stay on long enough to reformat the HDD?

josh trent: if I reformat the hard drive would take it loose all my previous recordings? what if I need to see one, how can I see it before I format it and erase it?.

MexhomieXlll: mine restarts like at 3 am sometimes. i think something turns it off like scary shit.

Yahir Nunez: thanks, i will try this tomrrow, will let you know if it works for me !!!

Peter Jackson: Thanks for the info, this worked on my H.264.

Octane Upholstering: This worked for us. Thanks!!

ktolon: i had random freezing and random rebooting issues,,,the issue was overheating,,i added a a small pc fan over the chip heat sync. ,,, it solved all the nvr issues, not sure about yours but cant hurt to give it a shot,

josephus aurah: thank you so much !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i was so frustrated with this problem 

cntsound: Sorry I did not take a neat video or pictures to back this up.   The re-boot or freeze issue is not what Zmodo tech support says.  They say to clean hard drive and reboot which is a temp fix to a design problem.  The real problem is the heat to the hard drive.  Open the case and on the system board you will find a neat moly plug fitting for a fan plug...  Hmmmm  guess what we saved money on during production?  I have 2 of these 8 channel DVR and both same issues, freeze, reboot especially during net access.  On one unit, I drilled a pattern of holes on the top lid and mounted a small CPU fan blowing out.  On other, I simply placed the fan on the side of the hard drive blowing out the stock vent holes.  Both works perfectly!!!  I have yet to freeze or reboot since this.  One of these units had been sent in to Zmodo for repair. 

KellySabrina: Basically your saying turn off and on?
Come on!

KellySabrina: Basically your saying turn off and on?
Come on!