How to RGH 1.2 a Xbox 360 (Phat)

Here it is: the full RGH 1.2 tutorial! RGH 1.2 was created by 15432 and has been designed to be built as an RGH 2 image but have the reliability and speed of an RGH 1 console. As of recently this has been the most commonly recommended method of modifying an original/phat Xbox 360 console. After doing several installs of it myself, we now have a full tutorial for it! RGH 1.2 Written Tutorial & Downloads by JoinTheResistance: This video has been made with Fair Use in mind and has been created as an educational piece of media. -------------------- Hardware I Use (Affiliate Links): Soldering Tools & Products: NAND-X: Coolrunner Rev C: -------------------- Follow Me On Social Media! Discord: https://Discord.Me/MrMario2011 Patreon: Second Channel: Twitter: Facebook: Instagram: Google+: Twitch: -------------------- Song Information Artist: pyama Song: First Try Source: lo-effort lo-fi Link: -------------------- Any links specifically listed as affiliate links give me a small monetary kickback at no extra cost to you and no influence on the content.


Linas81: ATTENTION: If anyone has ripped the pad on r4b24 here's the tutorial to fix it on the team xecuter forum:

Also thanks for the best tutorial for rgh 1.2! :D (I modded my Falcon with this and also used the r4b24 alternative point tutorial because I ripped that pad xd)

P.D.T Bestman: How to connect the flasher to your pc?!? (he didnt show the steps, no cables nothing?)

Half life 2 in the school toilets: Dude thanks,I'm literally only 11 and this helped alot even though I'm idiot

[ReBeL]-Lagan: Can I jb my Xbox without taking it apart I’ve got my own xbox and wanna jb I’ve got no money to buy cuz I’m 12

Justin Oakes: It would be awesome if someone could come up with a way to use a Raspberry Pi as a NAND-X programmer. There's a method to re-write the EEPROM on an original Xbox with it. Given the Pi is more expensive than a programmer, but if you already have one around (and most people with the skills to do this probably do) it would be more convenient and save the cost of buying another part.

BOyer Kenny: Is kingbo flux good for soldering it

grandtheftauto1233: Bro I appreciate the video!!

I did this back using LPT and not using RGH but we had to use a PRE-NXE console or build7371 or earlier. Now I want to try RGH on a newer console! Thanks for the great instructions

Chewbacca SaurusRex: Do they not sell NAND-X's anymore. I can only find the J programmer variants on ebay ?

BOyer Kenny: Hey mrmario can u make a video on how How to rekey a new disc drive for Xbox 360? Because I have a Xbox 360 with a different Xbox dvd drive but how do i get the dvd key from the Xbox 360 motherboard and play Xbox 360 games again

Chemical_E: Very well executed video. Probably not something I'm ready for yet since I have no soldering experience but if they never come-out with a softmodding option I'll probably be using this video to modify my console.

Sérgio Moreira: I followed your tuturial. It all came out serto.but at the time to enter xell. does not enter and only the green luy flashes in the middle and the coolrunner also flashes green
I did something wrong, already tried the xsvf all I found

SqualidsargeStudios: How is wire placement causing fuck ups?

Marko Popovic: I have a problem to do rgh on opus console. I mean, it won't boot, what should i do? Tnx

Clorox bleach: whats flux for?

Indian Man: I did all the steps and the cool runner is red but Xbox won’t turn on

Henrik Muzzu Brogaard: I have a Jasper running dashboard 2.0.17150.0 should I update to 2.0.17526.0 before using your videoguide or leaving it as it is.
Also I would like to change the hard drive to a 2tb. do you have a guide how to do that or is it just formating it to fat32 and put it in the hard drive enclosure?

Khampoui Bounleuangkeomany: Do we need to remove the resistors for JP and 3 2 points..?

Lyric Videos one: what are the other wires mate that are oread plugged in solder

Sérgio Moreira: Hi.I like your videos. and am big fa of your hats.
I'm thinking of making RGH in my xbox 360 fat
Does the dashboard version matter?

MrVitalic85: Just got my hand on my first jasper :)