Audi A5 3 0 TDI full Supersprint exhaust Downpipe 767211 / 767231 (replacing diesel particulate filter) To see which version of the downpipe is compatible with your car check out or FAQ: Rear pipe only exhaust R.+L. 767814 and 767824 ECU reprogrammed with DPF function deactivated and engine management modified to reduce smoke.


Steve 7316: Ohne DPF ? / Senza il DPF ??

Davide Santilli: 📯

Laughing out loud & Lots of laughs: What a great sound for a diesel!! Sound like Nissan GT-R. But I just don't want if a diesel V6 sound like petrol V8, I don't mean I hate petrol V8, but I want real sound from the engine.

Meister: Und mit 4 x so viel Power als der Golf

Meister: Wow Hammer Sound.. Klingt wie ein Golf R32..

Laughing out loud & Lots of laughs: It's sound good because it's almost 5000rpm

Hans Hugo: Do you need to remove the cats or just the mufflers?

Jonathan Pierret: ○76 ?

Farina Marcina: Crap

Daniel Paul Olaru: I have an a6 3.0 v6 tdi quattro 2005. It is possible to make almost the same sound? It is better 2” or 3”?!

prohibicja88: it sounds like vr6 petrol engine from vw

Kaiser Hussain: Hi, I have an audi a3 2.0 tdi black edition, I have turned it into an RS3 rep but the noise gives the car away, is there any way I can get it to sound like that?? it's a 2009 model 5 door quattro. I would appreciate your reply...thanks

Tinou Mk's: Fake?

Inferno: can i make my A7 TDI sound like this?

Cristian Crs: Hi will it work on cls 350 cdi w219 ? Can i get the same sound ? If yes how much will cost and where are h based? Many thanks

dubnutter R: Does anyone know what make wheels are on the car?

Artur Masevic: if audi a6 c6 facelift 176kw with exhaust will be sound like this?

Aleks K: Is this 2,5" or 3" exhaust system with 4" end pipes?

Aaron Williams: anyone know what wheels?

IceDexHD: Germany says no to this or ?