BEST 1JZ Toyota Chaser Sound Compilation!

Here is a sick compilation of 1JZ-GTE Chasers!


Fadli Prabowo: saving money for Chaser

Triggered Thomas: Chasers came stock 1JZ?

Razor: Sorry, but RB engine sound better for me.

Димон Утин: Эта машина создана чтобы на ней лупить боком 1.5JZ R154 LSD

abood strike: 0.07 wooooooooow ♥♥♥♥♥

IULIA KROWN: А почему у него чек горит ?

Rathanak's Life: 0:40 I thought that shit was slow motion lol

sm666 nikoniko: ヽ(゚∀。)ノ1JZサウンド最高!!

SebiFrost Vlogs: I know the owner of the Toyota chaser jxz100 in the thumbnail hes called Emil L christiansen

JDM Misty The Vaporeon: This is why I love the Toyota Chaser also I own one

zomble: why does Russia have most of the worlds supply of JZX100s

Aries Snipes: What model at 1:17?

Aries Snipes: 1:41 rip headphone users. Anyways, the turbo sounds untill 2:03

Benniwa673: Insane Car 😍😍😍😍

JDM as Fuck: not all cars are chasers

Zul Masri: what's the differences between 1jz and 2jz ? somebody tell me please,

Draatwo SCZ: love 1JZ <3

миха шафутинский: первый марк был

Дмитрий Филатов: Like за Томские Маркообразные.

Atsoni: love the chasers