I2C LCD 16x2 || STM32 || Keil || CubeMx || HAL

This video is an improved version of my previous I2C-LCD video. Connect LCD16X2 Via the I2C to the STM32 devices. To download the code, visit http://controllerstech.com/i2c-lcd-in-stm32/ For more info, visit http://www.controllerstech.com


Edy MakerCircuits: I could not get stm32f767zi card, you can help !!!

I did all the steps and it does not work !!!

When I run a demo using the mbed systemma it works normal but doing its settings did not succeed.

Thanks if you can help !!!

MEHAR SAI RAM: how to display in 20x4 lcd display i am trying to write in 4 lines but it is not writing in line by line

Yuchofif 139: thanks... do you have library stm32l4 for LCD 20x4?

Antonio Carbajal: Thanks a lot

Juan Cattaneo: Thanks for the video dude. Where can i download the files ***.h and ***.c?

Robert Sabljo: i have brigthness issues with this type of LCD display, its kinda faded even when i use the screwdriver to max it out, any tips on how to fix it?

Илья Гирс: cool it work, how done it on 20x4 lcd?

Alexander Blanco: hi im using eclipse and stm32f103, where can i find the file i2c-lcd.c i2c-lcd.h

Ng Jia Phui: Hello, how do you get ic2-lcd .c and .h file because i couldnt find in my src and inc folder

EmLogic: how to get .c and .h file forstm32f103

fatih emre şahin: Thank you :)

Luis Malave: Estoy usando una Nucleo 64 STM32f103RB y me genera errores al compilar la bilioteca

Sacc: hehe cant do it anyway lol

Dogancan Yuksel: Could you do idb05a1 example with STM32

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