Explaining an Electrical Circuit

A simple explanation on how an electrical circuit operates.


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jemsncrystals: I wanna know 1 thing. How automation existed. I know computer does 4 things. But who does that, that computer knows how to automate that thing?
Srry my english is not good but let me give you an example.
Like there is energy. Energy is the ability to do work. Right?
Now in computers, energy is electricity... we switch the computer on and it starts. But my question is, how computer knows what to do when a pixel is lit up on screen?
Now i know you will say that it is the predefined instructions in the computer the we fed. I say that i know that.
But the thing here i am trying to understand is... how energy from electricity gets converted to a thing that controls hardware automatically?
Like ive read about circuits and gates but am bit confused. I know the simple transistor has 3 pins 1 input 1 output and one gate wire. But when a computer computes, who switches on and of the gate voltage?
Thanks in advance.

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Randy Savage: Can someone please explain to me which way current really flows? This guy said from negative to positive, yet all my life ive been told its from positive to negative. Even my electrical teacher in vocs said its positive to negative. Please clear this up for me!

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