How to Easily Unlock a Hidden Settings Menu for your LG V10

Learn how to unlock a hidden settings menu for the second screen on your LG V10. Check out some useful, useless and interesting features built into the phone. Take caution if using the Activities feature of Nova Launcher. I'm sure you could probably mess up your device somehow using it. Take a look at my first video if you enjoyed this one - you will learn how an attacker may add their own fingerprint to your V10 without even knowing your PIN:


Sanga RL: How do i get Jio 4G to VoLTE on my Phone LG-H918 Please Help me.... My
phone support VoLTE but i cant found. I set Hidden menu *#546368#*918#
& #*#4636#*# but it doesnt function at all so please i need your

Sugar Honey: Will this work on LG k10, please let Me, know 👍💋

Ardi Hansyah: How I can add eye like on this video ?

Tunde Abdusalam: Hi Matt.I downloaded the SignBoardTest all on my LG V10 H961N but doesn't install eather.please does it LG V10 H961N compatible with this fuction.thanks

Pics art editing: Hi please tell that how i can remove these please i am subscribing to your channel

Minh Huy: Thanks for the Video, by the way can you show me, how to set The Cat's eyes on the second screen? Need to root the device?? thanks so much

Solomon J Francis: Can the whole second screen be used for signature? Coz it does only partly for signature

Yoyo Sheikh: Plz help me m unable to use my lgv10 setting option finger print&security and unable to do check unknown sources

Gian Karlo: sad no signboard teston my lg v10 960

Hardyb 007: can u make a video for LG v20 please

Shawn Davis: doesnt work on my LG v10

Manuel Rodriguez: Cat eyes in the second screen?

Jojo Grabato: Dear matt i tried this but the signboardtest is not appearing on the activities... what should i do to make it appear? please help i want that eyes on the lg v10 too

Jordan Fresquez: i dont have sign board

Jordan Fresquez: mine doesnt have the siborg test why would that be

Darryl Love: I tried to set this up and I have the V10 where it goes to sign board test that doesn't show up

Orangebloons: anyone figured out how to do this after update?

some_guy_from_Germany: Great video:)
There's another app which makes it possible to use the activities, but without having to create another wiget every time. Its named 'Activity Launcher' and can be downloaded on Google Play.

Mike w: how do you get that time like that on your lock screen how there on top of each other

Samphel Dawa: how can i unlocked front led light in lgv10 phone plz help me guys if any know