Unity VFX - Portal (Particle System Tutorial)

Creating the recognizable portal effect from... Portal. Using just Unity's own "Shuriken" particle system and Ultimate VFX for textures and shaders. Get Ultimate VFX: https://www.assetstore.unity3d.com/#!/content/26701?aid=1100l3rZp. Twitter: https://twitter.com/TheMirzaBeig/.


Nicholas Duxbury: FIX FOR ROTATION: Hey some of you have problems with rotation in unity 2017 just thought I would fix it for you if this is still a tutorial ppl like (I know I do) anyway...

Scale = 1, 1, 1.5
(I know he uses 1.5 in the Y-axis but mesh treated differently I guess)

Render Mode = Billboard
Render Alignment = World

sechan youn: Wow, it looks amazing!

Sam Matthews: Hey ... this is great.. and your effects pack is well worth the money. Before I buy I just want to make sure that there are no issues with Unity 2018

Serghei Nesmian: Thx!

jr studio: If you don't see "Emit from the Edge" checkbox in shape window then change the thickness to 0 in shape window which would give the same result!

Joshua Abraham: Every tutorial you do, blows my mind :D

Mike Ruel: So I am using gimp and no matter what I do, I am not able to get a perfect circle...for some reason Unity decides to squish my design horizontally every time. I am confused as to why. Any thoughts? Could it be the file size? I had a hard time following your tutorial because of it, but you explained everything really well!

Light Game Studio: Thank you!

Kenny Tai: you are freaking god

Leonel: textures?

CCV334: If your rotation is still not working set your Render Alignment to World

Ayato Shirokami: do u have a tutorial on how to make the distortion material?

Arda Kirman: is it possible to get a discount on asset :D

ZatriX: Hey man, awesome tut! Seriously considering buying the pack, looks awesome AF, and when I think of what can be achieved... mind blowing! ))

Say, if I wanted this portal to resemble an archway, how would I go about it?

a: i can not find
emit from the edge option , where is it in unity 2017?

a: rotation effect is not working like yours, it like an ellipse rotating, what can i do?

joseph armienti: It seems alpha distort 800 is not in the 3.0 package what material should I use instead?

Luan Castro Aleixo: Does this work in Unity 2017? I could not reproduce, the rotation rotates the shape of the entire portal

Cristobal R: nice tut dude thnks

Rachidi Mohamed: Hi Dear, I like this work.thanx.but i need your sprites to use it.thanx