Overdrive 2 Megadrive Demo - How the soundtrack was made

DefleMask using a custom replayer. ;) Source http://lmao.rotfl.at/upload/Strobe/Overdrive_II_Beta6.zip Deflemask EXE Only patch http://rotfl.at/DefleMask_LargePCM.zip Since as of July 2017 no fix for large PCM is available, i have provided my manually patched exe until further notice.


BeyElder: Monumentally Epic!!

statiz23: 3:01 bad ass effect...

phlie: I watched this a year ago at Revision 2017 and greatly missed titan at the 2018 presentation. I went back to watch this demo and the song is completely stuck in my head. I love the atmosphere and the transitions here.

I am very curious - did the music come before the effects or did you time some of the music to some of the effects?

madmax2069: When someone capable gets ahold of the Genesis, the Genesis can really sing. And this proves the Genesis sound chip is pretty damn capable.

Obafemi Agbaje: Good job on making a cd quality ost on the genesis. :D
My favorite part is 3:44

Aaron Hickman: Great sound design :) - yet filmed through a potato lens.

Alex Shvidсki: Wow, truly master here !

DPAD-FTW: Added to my new Chip Music playlist.

vallium: This track is the best demo music out there since TBL's Starstruck 8 years ago!

JUL IEN: Hi Strobe, OST from Finally, Overdrive 1 and Overdrive 2 are now in my iPod Classic for ever, thank you so much i just love those 3 tracks. Hello from Singapore !

Purrbox: If what I'm seeing is correct the majority of these sounds are FM, I'm so amazed at the mega drives sound chip. I wish I had access to a music tracker like this around the time of the MD. Excellent work making this music, definitely mad skills here.

Enkidu l إنكيدو: amazing...glad that i found you

Enemy of the State / VCD King: So Bladerunner Commodore 64 ish it works

TheIncredibleMasterE: "Man the PCM choirs at the 3:00 mark are gre- oooooooooh"

TristEndo: Well that was a fun ride thanks for sharin the source :)

3l H4ck3r C0mf0r7: I want to know how you synced it to the demo

Scythe of Luna: awesome

Amaroq Starwind: SWEET! Tracker modules! :D

Diego Jimenez: Eargasm
Also have you guys made an actual game?

MetroidChild: man I forgot about this channel, I'm strangely happy to see stuff still happening here :)
edit: damn that was a hell of a good track